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Good Morning,The cold got colder and the markets rallied. The million dollars (bonus???) question is how cold it will get and will the gas markets have the supply to serve those loads? As for how severe, it is cold, but

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Data is number of wage and salary jobs at all establishments reporting to the Unemployment Insurance program, representing about 99.7% of all wage and salary civilian employment in the US. The data is establishment based, meaning it counts the number

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I’ve been playing with the Marvel API for quite some time now ( “All My Friends are Superheroes”, “Building a Twitter bot to display random comic book covers”, “Using the Marvel API with IBM Watson”, and “Exampled of the Marvel

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The hard work has paid off for the Central Ohio Transit Authority. In August, the American Public Transportation Association named COTA the best-operated midsize transit system in North America. The national recognition validated nearly 15 years of steady improvements at

Home from the war what happened to disabled first world war veterans heritage calling gas station near me

In Britain alone, almost one million soldiers, sailors and airmen had been killed. Around two million came home with some level of disability: over 40,000 were amputees; some had facial disfigurement or had been blinded. Others suffered from deafness, tuberculosis

10 Nursing hacks every er nurse should know health and willness gas in back relief

As you know, personal protection equipment including clean gloves and gowns are absolutely necessary in a hospital environment. For some procedures, clean gloves are “good enough”. However, for high-risk infection procedures, sterile gloves are necessary. electricity cost per kwh south

This is the one thing holding you back, according to your zodiac electricity merit badge worksheet answers

At the end of the day, what you think looks frumpy might look beautiful to someone else, and the presentation you thought you screwed up may have really impressed or inspired a colleague. It’s all about understanding the fact we’re

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In 2015, when the watch was launched, it was more of a fancy accessory than a necessary device. But when placed on an individual, Apple realized abilities it possessed that it could have never had. The watch could give certain

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Yesterday’s three-way trade between the Mariners, Rays and Indians was wonderfully complex. The Mariners continued their rebuild, trading away Carlos Santana‘s age 33 and 34 seasons for Edwin Encarnacion‘s age 36 season and the 77th pick in the 2019 Draft

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Paying for your living, flat rent, insurrance and such, comes before saving the planet, Catfish. electricity and water If you cannot make it over the last week in a month, cannot save for your old days, and state raises fees

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1.0 The weight expansion measurement system (WEMS) incorporates the methodology of volumetric expansion by measuring the weight (rather than the volume) of water displaced in a volumetric expansion test. The WEMS uses a siphon tube instead of an open top

Cornwall holiday cottages holywell bay, springtide f gas regulations

Springtide is wonderfully located right by the beach and sand dunes of Holywell Bay. It has a superb open plan lounge / dining room with two large sliding doors which open onto the sun deck to enhance some al fresco

Precision instruments for woodworkers – part four recommended tools popular woodworking magazine electricity billy elliot broadway

How much accuracy you need depends on the kind of woodworking that you do. Remember that for hundreds of years, woodworkers got away with few or no measuring tools, yet still produced amazingly accurate work. How? It’s because they relied

Green air ir-42-mf multi fuel co2 generator infrared electricity prices going up

The latest innovations in CO2 generator design by Green Air Products. Infrared burners provide the most complete conversion of fuel to produce the purest CO2 emission. Electronic ignition for safe automatic operation. Much of the heat by-product can be removed