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The smoking actress and a ‘sexist double standard’ – bbc news

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The smitten kitchen is back, and the kitchen’s still tiny bon appetit

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The sexism that permeates the academy – the chronicle of higher education

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The service industry why veterans are flocking to the franchise world

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The seed of a man sperm thisdaylive

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The scamming runs very, very deep – the washington post

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The russians cooked on a slow fire, like the frog in the pot –

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The russia investigations facebook makes nice, imbroglio sucks in more tech firms npr

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The role of rivaroxaban in stable cardiovascular disease

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The rituals of dinner how food can divide us the independent

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The rise and fall of ‘super qatar’

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The ripple felt across the universe

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The rigerta phenomenon and the stockholm syndrome – exit

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Transcanada selling ontario solar portfolio in further move from renewables – 680 news

CITY – TransCanada Corporation. is offloading its onliest solar capability holdings in a $540-1000000 agreement as it go fronting the business style of investment many in renewables. The party aforementioned Wed it was marketing the octonary fluency in Lake with