Cathy mcmorris rodgers grade 9 electricity unit

I’m proud to invite interim Forest Service Chief Christiansen out to tour the Colville National Forest and see the great work being done as part of the A to Z Project, a national model for local collaboration and public-private partnerships. /mcmorrisrodgers

For far too long we’ve had too many military planes that cannot fly, too many ships that cannot sail, too many soldiers who cannot deploy, while too many threats gather around the world. Under President Trump, we’ve returned to making our military a priority and we’re continuing our work to rebuild and restore readiness. The National Defense Authorization /mcmorrisrodgers

Glad to see the Senate finally following the House’s lead on restoring trust with reforms that protect victims and ensure Members of Congress are held to the highest standard. There’s no room for harassment in any workplace. There should be zero tolerance for it on Capitol Hill. /mcmorrisrodgers

Clearly, for America to be a diplomatic power, we must be a military power. To be a military power, we have to be an economic power. It’s all connected. That’s why I’m so encouraged by the results we are seeing because of our work to cut taxes and to create a better regulatory environment. /mcmorrisrodgers

Today, Canada announced that they will officially re-enter negotiations on the Columbia River Treaty. This is big news for people here in the Pacific Northwest! It’s my hope that we can update and rebalance the terms of this agreement so it can remain mutually-beneficial into the 21st Century. /mcmorrisrodgers

Today, I had a phone call with Robert Wilkie who was nominated last week to serve as our next Secretary of Veterans Affairs. I appreciate his leadership and commitment to providing the best access and care for our veterans, and he told me today that he would like to come out and meet with veterans here in Eastern Washington. We also discussed the need /mcmorrisrodgers

I’ve been urging the administration from the beginning to reverse course on tariffs and pursue more targeted approaches that keep farmers and producers in Eastern Washington at the forefront. I’m extremely supportive of President Trump putting these tariffs on hold so we can find a better solution to hold China accountable. /mcmorrisrodgers

Last week, I joined for the AcceptAbility Gala to celebrate ability and what every person has to offer. I was also able to see Frank Stephens a self-advocate who testified in front of Congress last fall. I will never forget what he said in his testimony, he said, “I’m a man with Down Syndrome, and my life is worth living.” Frank and so many others /mcmorrisrodgers

Sickening news out of Santa Fe, TX. As we anxiously wait to learn more about the shooting, my heart is with the students, their families and teachers, and law enforcement. Together, we need to be asking the difficult questions: Why? What’s causing people to feel lost and alone? What’s leading them to choose violence? These questions can be difficult /mcmorrisrodgers

To all women– past and present– who have bravely answered the call to serve, thank you. It was great to take part this morning in the Military Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery #MilitaryAppreciationMonth /mcmorrisrodgers

By getting the economy growing we are providing more opportunities for people here in Eastern Washington. My goal for Eastern Washington, and our country, is for it to be a place where we are creating jobs, growing businesses, and providing opportunities so people can live their American Dream. /mcmorrisrodgers

Today, the Senate is expected to vote on legislation that reduces privacy protections that are meant to keep your information safe and returns us to Obama-era net neutrality rules that stifled innovation and investment in rural communities. I support an open Internet, and I always have, but there is a better way to ensure consumer protections without /mcmorrisrodgers

This week, the House will move forward on the 2018 Farm Bill, legislation to provide certainty for our farmers and make sensible reforms to federal nutrition programs. There’s a lot of misleading rhetoric out there about what this bill will do. First, it makes no cuts to SNAP. It restores work requirements and makes major investments in SNAP Employment