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08/20/08 – Hard to judge. This was my first cavern experience. Went as a side trip since the major of people I was with wanted to see it. I’m not much for closed in places and being underground so the about 45 minutes tour certainly helped electricity lesson plans middle school with that issue. The jeep is powered by Propane (I asked). The positive points is you get to ride, you do learn some interesting facts gas monkey cast – like some of the entertainers use to perform in the large opening years ago when there was issues with alcohol, the stalactite, stalagmite, etc. The trip does provide some nice scenery of the country side outside of Springfield. Short Video, picture taken inside, few low overhead places, and there were 2 bats on my tour. Review by Lori Jeannie tgas advisors, Hewitt TX provides good information and the photos are very good of the inside. The gift shop was having a half price sale and I found several things. There is a picnic area which we used for lunch (we had sandwitches, etc. we had prepared) so we didn’t have to spend time finding electricity flows through a place as we had driven over from Branson MO. More Show less

Fantastic Caverns is very interersting. We have toured a few caves and caverns in the past and I must say I liked the option to sit and ride around impact of electricity in the 1920s and view the inside of the cave. First, I must say the trams are PROPANE powered, not GAS as someone else mentioned in their review origin electricity account. GAS powered trams would not even be possible due to the enclosed area that is traveled into. Did they just assume it was gas and not even ask? Our tour guide was great, answered all my children’s questions and made our tour memorable. The history electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics of the cave is amazing and your tour guide will tell you about it and you will also view a short film about it about halfway tortugas ninjas into the cave. We even got to see a bat on the way out. My kids said it surely was not real, but who knows. I don’t think they would purposely put a fake bat on the ceiling, but I guess it’s possible. Our picture turned out great and it was definitely a fun experience. Fantastic Caverns also has a ‘gift shop’ if you would like to purhase crystals and other sort of jewels

This attraction has a large parking gas oil ratio 50 to 1 lot, many employees and a slick commercial patter. They take your picture on the way into the cave and try and sell it to you for $10 on the way out. The ONE AND ONLY benefit is that you get to ride on GAS powered trams c gastronomie brignais. Why in the world they do not use electric powered gas 85 trams is beyond me. The gas trams are noisy and SMELLY. This cave has VERY large rooms as would seem obvious knowing that they can take you around in a big tram. There are a few nice rock formations and the driver stops and gives a couple of demos/lectures on route. They gas efficient suv 2014 even show a little movie on one room about how the caves are formed. But this attraction does NOT give one the experience of being in a real cave – it is more like a ride at DisneyWorld. If you n game cannot walk well or have some physical disability, this cave is better than nothing. But at $18 a person it is not cheap. We took the advice of another reviewer and also went to Crystal Cave – it was WONDERFUL!!! We had time on our hands so we went to Fantastic Caverns, also. But it was pretty blah after experiencing Crystal Cave.