Cebu highlands trail segment 4a mt. manunggal to ginatilan, balamban adrenaline romance 5 gases found in the environment


Locals and visitors alike are quite familiar with the attractions and destinations in the southern part of Cebu. The northern part of Cebu, on the other hand, is a different story. Vast tracts of landscapes remain rugged, wild, and unexplored. A lot of people in the remote, inaccessible highlands have marginal exposure to modernity. gas or electricity for heating Traversing Segment 4 of the Cebu Highlands Trial exposed us to a very different side of Cebu.

The red coloration of the excavated soil means that this mountain is rich in various irons and minerals. While it signifies that Cebu is rich in ore, that same bounty may spell doom for the mountain. Mining companies are forever in search of mineral deposits to exploit, and if this area is subjected to open-pit mining, then this majestic mountain will be destroyed.

From our vantage point, we could see the green hills and lengthy mountain ranges of Balamban. That white patch at the left side of the photo is actually Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, Inc., a shipbuilding company that has consistently constructed massive tankers and bulk carriers used in international marine trade. The entry of Tsuneishi in Balamban boosted the local economy exponentially, turning the sleepy town into a small but vibrant city.

It’s no surprise if you are familiar with Cebu’s history. During the Marcos years, northern Cebu became havens for rebels, revolutionaries, and criminals. grade 6 electricity experiments The rugged terrain fits their purpose, allowing them to hide from law enforcers and raid villages with impunity. Stories of crime and murder have become so rampant that Northern Cebu became akin to killing fields.

But that fear may have contributed something good. Without the throng of tourists, developers, and other people who want to rape the land for its resources, northern Cebu remained relatively pristine. Mountains are still covered with thick forests, and hills are still carpeted with velvety grass. Farming continues to be the main source of livelihood here.

We reached a small store in Barangay Matun-og (in the middle of nowhere, we might add) to rest and have some refreshments. But what greeted us there was a sad sight. A small group of kids earlier shot a maral (Visayan Leopard Cat)—a threatened species—with an improvised air gun. The pellet hit the maral squarely on nose bridge, collapsing its nasal cavity. k gas oroville They tied one of the animal’s legs with a piece of rope to prevent it from escaping.

Our hearts ached with every beat as the poor feline hyperventilated out of shock, trauma, and pain. Clearly, it has difficulty in breathing due to the injury in its nasal cavity. Silently, we held back our tears. We implored the kids to just put the animal out of its misery. They wouldn’t because they want to cook it for dinner, which is a long 7 hours away. electricity invented in homes For the maral, that’s 7 hours of unrelenting pain.

With the sun at its highest, the intense tropical heat took its toll on Markus as we neared the barangay of Cabasiangan. Being a Caucasian, it was naturally and biologically difficult for him to adapt to the local tropical climate. Dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion, he announced he couldn’t finish the hike. Markus decided to call it quits and head back to civilization on a habal-habal.

Right on schedule! At 4 PM, we flopped at a communal waiting shed in the isolated Barangay of Ginatilan. Locals were awestruck when we told them we walked all the way to here from Mt. Manunggal. Although they are used to walking long distances, most of them haven’t walked THAT far. In fact, they were incredulous and wondered why we didn’t ride a habal-habal. Hahahaa!

Similar to Segments 2 and 3, our campsite was inside a sheltered structure. In this case, an abandoned grain storage facility. Apparently, this barangay hasn’t seen a lot of visitors. As we set up our shelter, children and adults in the entire community came to the facility and watched us with awe and curiosity. electricity nightcore We tried to avert gazing towards them as we set up our camping equipment.