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They saw older siblings, just nine or ten years old, trying their best to take care of their younger brothers and sisters. They saw children who had been abandoned. Others had aunts, uncles, and grandparents who tried their best but did not have the means to send them to school. They saw children so desperate for food they picked at trash heaps.

One of the final 93 gas near me stops on the trip was to see the work of World Relief in areas where the Jones were serving. On the last day as they were preparing to return home, Melanie and Alex met John and Maria. Their conversation soon turned to the abandoned children the Jones had encountered on the streets. By that time, they had started taking the little money they had to prepare rice, beans, and other food to feed malnourished children.

John had never touched a computer—he had no idea what an e-mail was, much less how to compose one and send it. Nevertheless, he solicited the help of a friend, and six gas x breastfeeding side effects months after their meeting, John emailed Alex and Melanie with an invitation. “We feel God calling us to help with the orphan crisis in Mozambique,” he wrote. “Would you be interested in partnering with us?”

A few months into Melanie’s pregnancy, one of the babies didn’t make it. Then, three months before the due date, the second baby was delivered stillborn. In the midst of their devastation, Melanie and Alex f gas certification logo turned their hearts toward Mozambique. Instead of flowers and memorial gifts, they again asked friends and family to give to the Jones and their work.

“It’s not just the kids that live at the center, it’s the kids in the whole community,” Melanie says. “The kids who live in the center get to eat every day—they have food, clothing, a place to sleep, and people who watch over them. Sometimes there’s a child in the community who is being raised by a father who’s an alcoholic so he doesn’t come home. The child wanders around looking for someone electricity definition chemistry to feed them. At the Melanie Center they say, ‘If you’re hungry, come to the center. We will always feed you.’”

As their commitment to Life for Mozambique developed, the Vianas realized there was only so much investment they could make from so far away. So four years ago, they sold their family business, rented out their home, and were commissioned as Covenant missionaries to serve in Mozambique. Maria and John left their positions at World Relief to help children and plant churches with the Vianas.

The intent of the Melanie Centers, however, has never been to become permanent homes for the children who live there. The Jones and the Vianas work with the Mozambican government’s ministry of social services, which typically brings high-risk kids to the centers one, two, or three at a time. The tgask goal is to keep siblings together. The centers also receive children from local churches, and community leaders identify kids who have been abandoned.

“When young girls are abandoned, they can end up losing a sense of personal value, personal worth, and unfortunately, there are men who want to take advantage of them—sometimes for labor, sometimes to sexually abuse them,” Maria says. “We specifically care even more closely for our girls to help them not be caught in that position, in that place.”

After a family adopts a child, the centers’ staff follows up, making home visits and then easing off after several months i f the adoption progresses well. At times, families may want a child for labor rather than love, and in those instances, Maria says, the centers maintain an open door for the children gas works park seattle to return until they’re placed with a more suitable family.