Ceres power holdings plc adds another string to energy bow gas oil mix ratio chart

Ceres will test a system designed to generate around 80% of a typical UK home’s power needs and all its hot water more efficiently than the existing UK grid. It will conduct the trials with Centrica-owned partner British Gas ( LON:CNA) as part of the EU-backed ene.field demonstration of fuel cells in homes, the largest of its kind in Europe. They use the company’s Steel Cell technology, which works with a conventional gas connection, but could use bio-fuels or hydrogen in the future. The trials will complement the company’s ongoing testing and development programmes with major power system partners in Japan, South Korea and the US. Phil Caldwell said: “The potential for this technology to have a huge impact on power generation is well understood in other parts of the world, as our growing number of commercial partners demonstrates.

“I’m confident we can provide clean and efficient power generation to UK homes and businesses, meaning lower fuel bills for British consumers and businesses alike.” Hard on the heels of last week’s news about a US government-backed deal to power data centres, Ceres Power is adding another string to its bow. The group has unveiled the launch of trials to deploy its fuel cell technology in homes, potentially allowing householders to benefit from greener and cheaper energy. Having developed the core product, Ceres is starting to fine-tune it for different uses and is getting the thumbs-up from funders around the world. The company’s foray into energy for homes will benefit from its involvement in the ene.field project, which is underpinned by €600,000 of European funding.

The tie-up announced last week with US power giant Cummins Inc to develop cells for data centres has attracted a US Department of Energy funding award. It has also forged an agreement with Honda to use its technology in joint development of solid oxide fuel cell stacks for potential power equipment uses. Ceres’s Steel Cell technology features a perforated sheet of steel with a special ceramic layer that converts fuel directly into electricity.

The cells should help operators of data centres, which eat up nearly 2% of the world’s electrical power, to cut overall costs by more than a fifth and reduce carbon emissions by up to 49%. Caldwell said adapting the technology for residential use should ease pressure on national power grids as they struggle to handle ever increasing demand. The group’s AIM-listed stock rose 0.67p, or 7%, to 9.92p on Tuesday’s news of the household energy launch, which represents a near-128% rise since January.

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