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It was always my understanding, without doing any extensive research, that a C-section was much higher risk than a vaginal birth, and involved a more painful recovery. So my kneejerk reaction was to choose vaginal birth. After doing my homework, the vaginal delivery seemed like the better option.

The best-laid plans don’t always work out. I remember sitting in our Childbirth Education Series class and the instructor saying” one out of four of you will have a C-section, whether you want to or not.” I looked around the room thinking, “That one-in-four won’t be me.” Well…it was. I ended up having an emergency C-section.

• A C-section is a major abdominal surgery that comes with surgical risks and complications from anesthesia. Anesthesia side effects may include severe headache, nausea, and vomiting. Anesthesia may also affect the baby, causing him or her to be sluggish or inactive when born.

Each delivery is so different – some women may go through the entire labor process and have to end up going with a C-section. Other women may opt for a C-section and go into labor beforehand. I am hoping for a VBAC with my second baby –- but what if he/she is breech or I’m not showing signs of labor by week 39?

If I had the choice I’d go vaginal all the way. I would have before my son was born and I definitely would now that he has been, via c section. Doctors do not tell you all the risks. I am in horrible pain all the time. I suck it up and carry on, but to feel like this all the time is a major drain. I can sit, stand, walk, dance, all sorts of things. Yet I’m in constant pain very reminiscent of what I felt in the days after the surgery. It boggles the mind. My husband thinks it’s nerve damage and or adhesions. He suggested the ballet, thought the stretching might help break up the adhesions, so far as I can tell it has not. People have told me to have another kid and when they do another c section (LOVE the assumption I’d want surgery again) they can cut out the adhesions. Well heres the thing, they’ll come back, it’s sort of what they do. So basically I’m going to be in pain for the rest of my life. Would have loved to know that before agreeing to the surgery. I probably still would have done it, but at least I’d have been making an informed choice.

Oh, and I’m unwilling to get pregnant again. Once you have a c section hoping for a VBAC borders on delusional thinking. Besides, why would I want to risk the pain getting worse? I know it would as soon as my stomach began to stretch. Who knows what it’s be like after the kid was born, but I imagine it would be agonizing. Oh, and another little thing they don’t tell you. C sections raise the risk of secondary infertility. So I doubt I could get pregnant anyways. There’s just no way I’m hurting this badly without there being something wrong. And adhesions can cause fertility problems.

I had an emergency c section, which was my ultimate fear but I believe it potentially saved me and my son’s life. He was very large and back to back and I tried pushing for 6 hours after a normal pregnancy and labour. But after 2 hours I knew I would never push him out. But when I had the spinal I was so relieved as the pain stopped. My body felt like it was snapping in half during labour it was worse pain than I ever imagined even with the gas and air. But I had no pain from that point onwards. Just some discomfort about a week after the birth when I’d forget to take my pain medication. I felt that the recovery from the section was the least traumatic part. I was up and about the day of the section and breast fed him straight away. The only thing I found difficult was managing the disappointment of not having the water birth I dreamed of, and carrying him around as he was so heavy. My scar healed quickly. And I was so relieved to not have any virginal tearing or damage. I’m now pregnant again not planned this time and in two minds. I’d like a vbac, which is encouraged where I live but I’m more scared of the labour pains and tearing than I am of the c section as for me this was the easy bit. But after reading this I am a bit concerned about having an elective. Especially with a then 28 month old toddler to look after too. Maybe I’ll just have to leave it up to nature or a higher power…..