Challenge nuclear power on smaller scale page 2 alternate history discussion electricity lessons 4th grade


… At the same time all three basic arms of the service considered(examined) an opportunity of use of a nuclear energy in power-plants. So, the army planned to use nuclear installations for tanks. Some such projects concerned installation of small s gashi nuclear reactors by the reserved machines for development(manufacture) of the electric power for a feed(meal) both the most nuclear tank, and the whole escort of fighting machines, saving organic fuel during fulfilment of marches – throws. Creation and individual nuclear engines was provided. So, at conferences question mark electricity towers health risks nuclear tanks were considered(examined) also. One of them, armed with gun Т140 modified in the 105-mm, has received electricity rates el paso designation TV-1.

His(Its) weight was estimated in 70 tons at thickness of the armor up to 350 mm. Power(force) nuclear installation included a reactor with the open gas contour of the heat-carrier working on the gas turbine that provided 500 hours of continuous work on full capacity. Designation TV-1 meant track vehicle, and its(her) creation was considered(examined) at conference question mark III as distant prospect. By the moment of the fourth electricity and circuits class 6 conference in August, 1955 progress in nuclear technology has already designated an opportunity of creation of the nuclear tank. Whether it is necessary to speak, that the nuclear tank promised 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh to be extremely expensive, and the level of radiation in it(him) demanded constant change of crews for exception of reception by people of high dozes of an irradiation. Despite of it, at the end of 1959 carrying out researches of an opportunity of installation of a nuclear reactor on the chassis of tank M103, the truth, only in the experimental purposes – the tower should be removed.

Installation ТЭС-З entered into operation in 1961, is a pre-production model крупноблочной a transportable atomic power station of small capacity. She(it) is intended for accumulation of the experimental data electricity and circuits class 6 ppt necessary by development of mobile atomic power stations of similar type which can be used for supply by the electric power of the remote and removed areas of the country.

The station is executed under the k electric bill payment online two-planimetric circuit with a heterogeneous water-water reactor thermal capacity of 8,8 thousand in the kw cooled by water under pressure 130 atmospheres at temperatures on an input(entrance) of a reactor 275°С and on an output(exit) 300°С. The charge of water in the first contour of installation 320 t/h (?).

In the active zone of a reactor having the form of the cylinder in height 600 table d gaskets and diameter of 660 mm, are placed 74 heat giving assembly with highly enriched uranium. Average thermal loading is equal a reactor 0,6 · 106 kcal / (m2 · h), maximal – 1,3 · 106 kcal / (m2 · h). Duration of campaign of a reactor of 250 day, and at partial additional gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 load of heat extracting elements – till 1 year.

For protection against radiation in an operating time around of first two self-feeds earthen protection is constructed on a place of operation. Besides the reactor the self-feed is supplied with transportable biological protection, allowing to make assembly and dismantling works in some hours after a stop of a reactor, and also to transport a reactor with in part or completely burnt out active zone. At transportation cooling of a reactor is carried out with the help of the air radiator providing removal up to 0,3 % of rated power gas engineer salary of installation.