Challenge us with 1783 borders alternate history discussion electricity out


Although unable to achieve his ultimate objective of capturing Detroit, Clark successfully countered British and Indian moves during the remainder of the conflict. The young Virginian had prevented the British from achieving their goal of driving the Americans from the Trans- Appalachian frontier. As a result of Clark’s brilliant military activities, the British ceded to the United States a vast area of land west of the Appalachian Mountains. That territory now includes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and the electricity invented eastern portion of Minnesota.

In the 1860s two great civil wars breakout on the North American continent. The United States sees the attempted secession of the Southern gas zone pricing states, briefly aided by Napoleon III until Britain sides with the Union. A similar war breaks out in New Spain. A revolt against Madrid quickly collapses into a civil war of free Mexico versus slaveholding Texas (thanks to all those Southern settlers like Stephen Austin). Texas successfully gets its independence and claims all of Louisiana and Florida from Mexico. While initially aided by France Texas quickly becomes a British satellite due to foreign loans and investment. California and much of the Pacific Coast have be annexed by the British following the gas lighting 1866 gold rush.

During the late 19th century a native indian nationalist movement begins rising in the northern and central plains of Texas. This leads to a rebellion against the Texan government in Austin. With some support from both Britain and the US the Indians get their independence and form the nation of Dakotah (OTL N S Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa and Minnesota).

Say, the French Revolution doesn’t go off the rails in it’s response to the reactionary alliance against it. They don’t have a Terror and raise resistance against themselves, they just methodically conquer the more modern parts of Europe and stop there. They never overreach themselves, always retreating back to the North Italian, French, Belgian, Savoy gas laws worksheet answers and work, West German, and Netherlands core states.

Some competent person like Napoleon is in charge but doesn’t make himself Emperor. There is no Egyptian expedition, no Spanish Insurgency, no Haiti, etc. There is no anticlericalism, just freedom of, and from, religion. They are still attacked by the reactionaries, but not by the majority of people who just want to get by and feed their families.

Then assume that they are still the revolutionary state of the ‘enlightenment’ and do revolutionary things in science like Napoleon’s France did, but oriented more towards physics, electricity, and steam power. This is going to take a while. Even if you insist on every child learning to read and write, you still have a limited supply of people like me to do inventions. I doubt that you can more than double the rate of progress because it still takes time for ideas to percolate through a technoratti.

The US government gas explosion in texas can’t get the support from the northern states to attack them for providing a sanctuary for free slaves, and Georgia isn’t powerfull enough to do it alone. Florida at this time went all the way to Louisiana, across the bottom of what would become Alabama and Mississippi. The cotton can’t get to market down the rivers, but they can build steam powered trains, so that’s not such a big deal. The lady that inspired Whitney to do the cotton gin stays in Haiti I guess.

This continues. The US doesn’t get so many immigrants and loses some (and some slaves) to the Louisiana gas efficient suv 2013 and Florida territories. The steamships move people over so cheaply that huge numbers make the journey. France is the majority language, but there are many Germans and Italians joining in. The US suffers some emigration to the Louisiana territory, but the major change is how many don’t go to the electricity khan academy US because there is another place to go. Railroads also make the Canadian prarie more attractive.

French Revolution and Reaction, first and second coalition wars. The first coalition war gives France all the areas it wants, and that want to be ‘enlightened’. The second coalition war does not result in expansion, just a few battles, some reparations, and scortched earth areas to discourage reptition. Say, like Sherman did. You leave the peasant huts alone and just burn a few tens of thousands of rich people’s estates. This doesn’t encourage poor people to form national resistance movements since they weren’t injured, and the rich people who wanted 5 gases that come from car emissions the war are injured when their houses are destroyed. The Florida territory is bought from Spain.

I assume that electricity use is going to take more than ten years to really get started. Spending 100 times as much money on research doesn’t mean it proceeds 100 times as fast. Maybe 2 times as fast. So steam engines are built up and go from air pressure to a few atmospheres worth of pressure. Enough for locomotives. Technology is forty years ahead in only twenty years. That is, in 1803 they are operating at 1813 OTL, and by 1813 it is at 1833 levels. This isn’t much of a change, but watch.

1813-1823 Louisiana population increases from 160,000 to 640,000. It is a mixture of Caribbean farmers and European on q gas station okc city people. Some Caribbean people are starting to show up in the cities, too. It’s not just the Europeans who are compelled to go to school from 10 to 15. The first generation of literate former slaves are changing social attitudes.

Now technology is at 1853 levels in OTL. That is impressive. We have steam engine river ships that are hauling large numbers of people on each trip, and only taking a week to get to Minneapolis from New Orleans instead gas meter in spanish of two months polling a flatboat. New Orleans is at the center of a railnet that reaches inland up the Red River area and is ambitious of more.

Now technology is at 1873 levels. That is really impressive. You can build steamships that can go to the New Orleans in three weeks instead of three months. This is when the huge numbers of European people start showing up. The European population of the Louisiana territory is big enough to start showing industrialisation using the resources available. Texas is now open for settlement after purchase. Coal mines are connected to the coast gas laws worksheet, and by coastal steamships to New Orleans. Flat boats move coal and timber downstream to New Orleans. Sanitation appears.

1833-1843 Western area population of Florida, Louisiana, Texas increases from 2.5 million to 10 million. The west coast areas purchased from Spain now connected across the southern area to Califorina. Mexico making noises about becoming independent because they are losing so much area to the French Republic. Technology level now at 1893, with refrigeration, telegraphs and telephones, battery powered trams in cities, first oil wells and oil powered steam ships, etc.

If we assume that technological progress takes place twice as fast with public financing of research, then we can fill up the west before the US expands into the area. This is just something that can happen, not something that will happen. Can we go from 1793 to 1913 in 60 years instead of 120? The North American population increases static electricity in water twice as fast, too, because of better transport. So does the European population in the Republic, because of better sanitation and immigration from the more conservative areas.