Champion homes – new home defects, review 80960 complaintsboard gas x chewables reviews


I have a 1992 Champion that was made in York, Neb. and yes I have lived in it for going electricity human body on 20 yrs. It has had it’s disasters from almost the start. Had some repairs done with in the first yr, didn’t come to me in the manner that we had order and had some of those things fixed gas monkey. Shortly after the warranty was exhausted the second yr, we started with the leaks, around windows and the edges of the roof. Had to have someone fix it and found that they had not Finished the roof in spots. Now we are looking gas 93 octane at replacing the roof as they didn’t have enough venting for it. Noticing that newer Mobile Homes have gone to placing vents though out the length of the homes but with ours it was under the front edge of the roof and didn’t not extend off the back as such as the front to vent from the 3 gases in the air rear of the home. Ours is bluntly cut off to where the back siding is even with the roof. So we have no vents in the back as where others the gasco abu dhabi contact same yr or one’s without the vents atop of the length of the home before they were required, have roofs that save electricity images extended out from the back of the home with vents to circulate from front to back. Now my roof is soft because of it and will cost me twice as much to repair!!! Where are the laws to in this country electricity a level physics to protect the people against these companys or corporations that prey upon us! We paid hard earned money for this home and even with all the cheap accessories inside and before the water shut offs that our a gas station now put in the homes and better windows, why in the sam XXXX weren’t they Required to have Roofs and Siding that meet better standards or Codes… Just why the hell our they allowed to go Cheap on these important parts of the home!!! I suppose most people don’t stay in them as long as we have but have a couple neighbors almost as long in there’s as us. Know they dont sell as they did when we bought and electricity lesson plans 4th grade ours is a 16X80, with the Economy now we have no choice but to fix! I don’t have a problem living in them verse a home gas and electric nyc. But someone should be accountable for these Screw-Ups, they let leave the manufacturer. As there is no QUALITY whatever built into most of them ETC…

I bought a brand new customized Redman by Champion built in PA. I made my list of things that needed to be fixed in the first 30 days though appalled by the shoddy quality of workmanship on the home, at least electricity receiver definition the first contractors were prompt in fixing the problems. Since those first repairs it has been over a year trying to get the rest c gastronomie mariage of the repairs taken care of. The contractor is supposed to be here today, Dec 2, 2015. Since my one year warranty has expired, other problems have surfaced I am s.o.l. for those, when opening windows gas out game commercial to clean, they scrape the frame and make gouges in them. The linoleum in the bathroom makes a giant bubble when the floor register is closed, I don’t know the condition of the roof b/c I am disabled and have no way to check it. The company scheduling the repairs calls electricity projects for grade 7 me when they feel like it and are so sweet to apologize but just continue the same behavior. They say, my supervisor will call you, she’s on her electricity tower vector way to our other office. ..EVERY time we speak. ..never heard from supposed supervisor and never any last names used. My caller ID shows Don Thomas whoever that is. I will NEVER buy again nor recommend Champion Homes. I would sue if I could afford a lawyer.