Changes to electric supply market in massachusetts

In 1997, the state of Massachusetts passed several laws that required public utilities to open up the electricity market to competition within the state. Electricity and magnetism study guide answers Retail energy suppliers at this time had the opportunity to provide the supply of electricity to customers, while utilities still maintained control over delivery and maintenance.

In December of 2014, the Department of Public Utilities in Massachusetts announced an open investigation on the retail electric competitive supply market. Gas bubbles in colon In particular, the investigation would look into two initiatives that would help to bring about significant improvements to the existing regulations.

The investigation outlined the fact that customers have to contact individual suppliers by visiting their website or by speaking with a representative over the phone. Electricity transformer near house Competitive supplier websites display general licensing and business information however, they don’t include other important details like, pricing for different products or plans from different competitors. Ogasco abu dhabi Therefore, a customer needs to contact several different suppliers individually in order to compare prices and contracts.

It is through this investigation that the Department of Public Utilities of Massachusetts determined that customers require a much simpler way to compare products between competing suppliers. Speedy q gas station To solve this problem, the Department of Public Utilities agreed to work with different organizations or stakeholders to create a website. Electricity and water The Department of Public Utilities determined that it will host the website, and that it will also help customers to quickly search for competitive electricity supply products.

In a document identified as, D.P.U. Gas x dosage pregnancy 14-140, The Department of Public Utilities outlined three problems that require resolution in order to bring this change into the retail energy supply market. Grade 9 electricity questions These three issues include:

• The website must request a standard set of information from customers such as, rate class, monthly usage, distribution company service territory, etc.

The result of this investigation is that the Department of Public Utilities determined that it would require some feedback from the public and retail energy suppliers. Gas constant in atm Their primary goal however, is to use and build upon what other states have done in the past regarding similar websites. Gas prices in texas This feedback includes information on the website design such as:

As part of the changes made in 1997 to the supply of energy, in 1998, the Department of Public Utilities added a few new regulations. Electricity usage by state These regulations pertained to the basic service that competitive distribution and supplier companies in regards to information disclosure requirements.

These new changes made it clear that customers need to have standard information provided by electric supply services offered by distribution and supplier companies in order to evaluate their options effectively. Grade 9 current electricity test Through these regulations, suppliers were required to provide information including,

When it comes to D.P.U. Gas near me prices 14-140, the Department of Public Utilities indicates that they will change or reform the information disclosure labels to ensure that the information is presented clearly to help increase customer satisfaction. Electricity pictures However, at the same time, they do indicate that it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they understand their agreement terms thoroughly before signing. Gas works park These changes will have the greatest impact on residential and small C&I customers and include items such as,

• Term of Contract: does the contract expire on a particular date, or does the customer have to call or contact the supplier to terminate the contract?

The Department of Public Utilities came up with two pricing options for customers signed up for basic service with a retail energy provider. Grade 6 electricity unit ontario These two pricing options include,

The Department of Public Utilities has determined that small C&I customers are automatically put on the Fixed Price Option. Q mart gas station However, they do have the ability to request the Variable Price Option. Gas in spanish They also decided that if the C&I customer if medium and large C&I organizations sign-up, they should automatically receive the Variable Price Option unless requested otherwise. Q card gas station The reason for this is because those classes of organizations are often more informed about their energy consumption and other options compared to small C&I companies. Gas under 3 dollars 4. I have electricity in my body Door-To-Door Marketing

Due to the fact that the supply market is open to competition in Massachusetts due to energy deregulation laws, the Department of Public Utilities has determined that the marketing strategies from competitive suppliers will increase. Electricity lesson plans 8th grade This has caused some concern for the Department of Public Utilities, especially in the area of door-to-door marketing because this kind of marketing technique can cause significant customer dissatisfaction.

It is because of this concert that they have outlined new improvements within D.P.U. Astrid y gaston lima menu english 14-140 regarding competitive supplier use of door-to-door marketing. Gas lighting These new improvements include:

• Providing notice to the Department of Public Utilities before the door-to-door campaign takes place. Static electricity bill nye This notice is called, “Notice of Door-To-Door Marketing” and it must be filed 7 days before the campaign starts. Gas x dosage for dogs The supplier must provide the following:

The Department of Public Utilities has recently started to receive information from several suppliers regarding plans to move or assign some of their current customer contracts to a different supplier. Electricity physics formulas In order to ensure that this process remains transparent and that the correct entities are informed, D.P.U. Electricity online games 14-140 outlines a new initiative, one that requires the supplier to file a “Notice of Assignment” with the Department of Public Utilities at least 60 days prior to the start date of the assignment. Gas engine efficiency The “Notice of Assignment” must include:

• Total number of customers the supplier wants to transfer by: distribution company service territory and customer type (industrial, commercial, or residential).

• Proof that all terms and conditions from the initial contract (pricing included) will follow through the remaining duration of the contract.

The Department of Public Utilities also suggests via D.P.U. Gas vs diesel truck 14-140 that the supplier looking to transfer or assign customer contracts is required to send a notification to customers through both mail and e-mail (if obtained) 30 days before the assignment date. 66 gas station near me For customers who have automatic renewal contracts, the new supplier must inform them via a notification letter 30 days before the renewal date. Electricity physics test If the customer contract includes an early termination fee, the supplier receiving the contracts are encouraged to wave the fee and allow those customers to cancel their contract without penalty at any time. Gas oil ratio for leaf blower Revised Proposed Rules – Shopping For Competitive Supply Website

As a result of D.P.U. Electricity 1 unit how many watts 14.140, the Department of Public Utilities updated the list of proposed rules (regarding the website initiative) on June 14 of this year. Static electricity jokes These revised rules are specific to suppliers and some of these rules include, General Rules

• The term of the product must be at least 12 months or longer in order to be listed on the website as an automatic renewal fixed-price product.

• Renewable energy products must be made up of a combination of at least 50% renewable energy resources in order to be listed on the website.

• Every product must indicate a start date, with the option of an end date. Gas used in ww1 If no end date is indicated, the website will list the product until one is specified by the supplier.

• The Distribution Company’s services territory for the product and the applicable customer type or class must be clearly indicated by the supplier on the website.

• If the product has an early termination fee, the fee must be displayed at a single dollar amount or a dollar amount per month for the early termination.

Based on the updated rules provided by the Department of Public Utilities, retail energy suppliers were encouraged to provide feedback and comments to assist in the development of the state of Massachusetts website initiative. A shell gas station near me These comments include:

“One aspect we noted was missing was consumer education. Gas vs electric stove top There should be a spot where terms such as ?automatic renewal,? ?fixed price,? ?variable price,? ?competitive supplier,? ?Class I renewable energy,? ?Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard? etc. Electricity quiz grade 9 are defined and explained to the customer. Electricity usage calculator south africa This can be done via a short and sweet ?Education? page, or by creating pop-up definitions that can be accessed by hovering over these terms wherever they appear on the website.” – Mass Energy Consumer Alliance

“With respect to the inclusion of energy- and non-energy-related services, which are not supply, the Company does not object to the inclusion of these items on the Competitive Electric Supply Website, provided that these types of services are not included in the calculation of the Company?s Purchase of Receivables (?POR?) from a competitive supplier. Gas chamber The calculation of POR payments to competitive suppliers is governed by the Company?s approved POR tariff and includes only charges for supply.” – National Grid

Due to the fact that these retail energy suppliers provided their support and feedback within the indicated timeframe, it is now up to the Department of Public Utilities to review and determine which elements they will incorporate into the website initiative.