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After being shoved in an elevator by Alhazan, Hideo and Minako came upon a chance meeting with their former rivals. The place they were led to was, surprisingly enough, an artificially manufactured residential ward of some sort. It carried the feel of a building that had been abandoned before it had been furnished. Nothing but simplistic doors lining the uncanny silence of an inorganic passageway. Thinking back to what Gabès had said, it was easy to imagine this as some sort of prison. They were taken to a room slightly bigger than the others.

This came with no grandeur, every surface was left as bare concrete. A table that looked like it had been thrown together out of need, some simple circular chair; not a single hint of decoration, more tasteless than anything. Hideo could see a simple kitchen behind a counter… did that mean this was the dining hall? There was electric lighting, it seemed the water was running.

“They concluded it was way too far down, apparently. Too close to the other world, the entire plan was scrapped thanks to the monster spawn rates being too damn high. Otherwise, it would’ve served electricity units of measurement as lodging for either the staff or the participants, though I couldn’t say which… and now, it’s the concentration camp for everyone Alhazan’s got their eye on.”

“I see. She got you bad… I’ll hear out the reason later. Whatever the case, Alhazan lay their net in ‘society’ just as they usually do. This time, with Kirishima Lena at the lead, the organization known as the steering committee. The summit of the society known as the Isolated City. If nothing happened, I doubt they’d do a thing. But this time, they couldn’t overlook this abandoned district and the reason it was abandoned.”

“The beat of the tournament’s drum was set by Sacred demon Lord Suzuran, but Alhazan’s tactfully used its rules to pick out the appropriate people. They discerned the skills of competitors trying to get the world in their hands within the rules of the matches. Elites who wouldn’t lose to the monsters pouring out ad infinitum, who could keep digging this labyrinth closer to the other world.”

“Rumor has it this calamity has befallen the world once before… but it’s just a rumor. This goes even further back than the commonly known dawn of history, there are barely any glimpses of it in the realm of folklore. If you gas tax in texas asked the four archangels… or senior outers from the original round table, you might find something out. In that case, your quickest bet would be Obliterating Industries’ Demon Meeko, but……”

Hideo immediately figured out why. Going off of Minako’s personality, once she had been told all this, she wouldn’t even consider escaping alone. They could easily research her nature through her matches over the course of the tournament. What’s more, her case was special, and she could only exhibit her own strength when she was holding her partner Okamaru. That was probably best for a combatant who was cast there to move work along.

“But that was bingo. Presumably, if I continued winning normally, I’d never be able to catch them by the tail. Precisely because I lost, I found out that Alhazan had taken this tournament right from the top. When I heard about your future sight from Verrocchia I was certain. That had to be why you took up my, the top contender’s challenge. When you came down here yourself, I was certain of our victory…!”

He lowered his head, he covered his face. Was this the time to laugh? No, just how much easier would it be if he actually could laugh. If he could just laugh off the limits of his stupidity… or would it be more appropriate to suddenly snap and scream? Would they sympathize if they knew his situation? What he found most detestable was how he could rationally imagine it, yet couldn’t obtain a single emotion. Once he divulged the truth, he could foresee nothing but abuse and scorn.

“There’s nyo mystery about it… you can tell by the look in that shut-in’s eyes. We only found out just the other day. We were looking in all the wrong places. That man is just a country bumkin, the sort of hyopeless human being who became a shut-in after failing to find a job in Tokyo. When you’re really searching for employment, it’s perfectly nyormal to fail fyorty to fifty companies gas bloating diarrhea, but he couldn’t even do that.”

The more time passed, the more he’d be reminded of Alhazan’s scrupulousness. It even applied to the provisions Michelle brought over. They were provided with enough daily necessities they would have no inconvenience to live. Their food wasn’t only bread and water. Mean fish, plants of course, all sorts of multicolored vegetables and fruits were sent down in abundance. If Hannibal exercised his skill, a considerable full course would be complete.

The select few elites part was also well thought out. Any normal person would be eaten by monsters in the blink of an eye. But if they gathered too many… if too many people went missing, there was a high risk their plot would be sniffed out. Additionally, if the people they chose were simply strong, that raised the possibility they’d prove too much to handle. Participants like Meeko and Elsia presumably wouldn’t be sent down here even if they did lose. As with their power, their mentalities were too strong.

Would they be able to leave someday? Or were they fated to be shut away until they died? There was no guarantee they’d never encounter a monster strong enough to cause a cave-in. If Alhazan changed their mind and stopped supplying food, everyone here would quite likely die. There were gas vs electric oven plenty of terrible possibilities to consider, but at present, they hadn’t worked out any solutions.

He told of a certain traveler about to fall down a bottomless hole. A single rope the only thing holding him up. There was no one to help him, and as if that weren’t enough, a white mouse and a black mouse would take turns gnawing on the rope’s threads. The heavens would occasionally shower him with rain on a whim, and the traveler only narrowly managed to stay alive on those sweet drops.

From the moment they’re born, humans are on the edge of the pit of death, where the white and black mice- night and day- would relentlessly begin cutting away at the thread of life. Whether the thread was thick or narrow, that was destiny… and even upon seeing that, we can cling to the rope without despairing thanks to the blessings of the heavens.

Why did it come to this? Where did I go wrong? I wasn’t supposed to be like this. I never asked for this future. Didn’t I use to be a little brat like the rest of them? Romping around without giving a care to whatever anyone said? The priest’s tale was from when the old man got mad at me and my friends for playing around the graveyard. In the first place, back then, I actually felt like I was myself. Where did all those days where I frolicked around with no time to care about other eyes go?

If he killed himself, ah, how tragic, the media would comically flare up. Overwork is to blame, bullying is to blame, school is to blame, society is to blame, the country is to blame… it would become a topic of discussion for a short while and then it was over. It was the same old thing on the same old papers and news broadcasts. Wasn’t suicide only natural?

“When I went to Vietnam, I came gas in oil causes to learn. I killed plenty for the sake of freedom and democracy. And the Vietcong really did die so easily. With knives. With bullets. With explosions. With napalm. Just like them, my own comrades would bite the dust like it was nothing. If you go to the jungle, it’d be the traps. If you go to town, the little peddler boy’s suicide bomb. Go to the farm, and the AK the girl pulled from her wheelbarrow…”

“No, maybe I’m not doing a good job getting my thoughts across. In this era of no inconvenience, it’s the first time I’ve sat down and had a long chat with a man like you… but at the very least, while we were all ready to be killed, neither myself nor any of my men would ever personally unhand the miracle that they were living another day.”

A clear murderous intent was directed at himself. The proclamation he would sever his life shook him more than he realized. He feared he would lose the miracle that he had lived so long. No matter how many times he thought he would just die… that was just his own narcissism flaring up. The gas and water notion he was going to be killed so real, Hideo experienced for a moment what life was.

In the end, he didn’t want to die. Who would ever pick death by choice? No, no one wished to die. They would die an inevitable death of lifespan. An unavoidable death of unfortunate accident. A helpless death, of one’s life left locked at a standstill. With surrounding ill intent causing them to lose the place of their heart, they would die with no other means of escape.

“Well, as we are now, we’re just helping lead the world to destruction. When you think about it, perhaps we’re better off dead… but there’s no need to choose here and now. It’s not like we have anything to lose apart from our lives. How about you try being selfish for once? When Michelle comes around, ask her for whatever you want. We may be stuck down here, but we’ve literally got all the time left in the world… then until that time, why not live however you want.”