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I-is this really the same place? It looks as if an airstrike was called on the area, and yet I can remember every vivid detail that led to this hellscape. I can’t believe I contributed to all this devastation, and it scares me to think I still have that monstrous strength at this very moment. gas vs electric stove top Worst of all, there are malicious energies ­- my energies – clinging onto Lili’s and Hachirou’s paralysed forms. Looking down, my eyes widen at the purple tinges laced in my spiritual flow.

Grabbing the immobilised Hachirou and Lili, I narrowly leap out of the way of Tascus’ attack. The resulting explosion propels us away as I cast and to soften our landing. I immediately prepare to leap again, but after a second of silence, I realise it was just a pot shot from the smoke and steam. However, it won’t be long before things intensify again.

Before they can say another word, I dash back into the fray with an earth-shuddering kick. As the smoke clears, Tascus ascends high above the scorched earth and begins bombarding my position. I narrowly dodge each attack and brace against the shockwaves, but unlike before, I no longer have the HP to weather even a grazing hit. His spells are more powerful than before and I can feel myself being physically and mentally cornered with every move. hp gas online booking mobile number But as frantic as my movements may appear… I’m actually making my way to someone other than himself.

… the hierarch teleports to my flank and swings his golden staff. With nothing else at hand, I quickly raise my scabbard to block his attack. The force of his swing sends me skidding on my feet, and to both our surprise, the sheath remains intact. I have no idea what it’s made of, but I’m almost thankful to Sepesh it can withstand Tascus’ might. I immediately recover and thrust the sheath at his head. He deflects the spiritually-infused edge and retaliates with a downward swing. The force of his strike literally pushes me back, but not a moment later, I immediately jump back into the fray.

Back and forth, again and again, we continue our fierce exchanges as Tascus strives to land the finishing blow. Every swing dodged is a moment I’ve cheated death. Every attack made is a moment he’s not casting his monstrous magic. It’s almost ironic that the safest place is on the razor’s edge between life and death. 1940 gas station photos Each and every second already feels like a staggering achievement… but regardless of how much time I buy for the others, my own fate is all but sealed. The feeling of dread is almost palpable, but not as much as the weight of everybody’s lives, and the precious soul waiting within.

I quickly submerge into the darkness just before his swing makes contact with my head. Tascus’ staff connects with the ground and unleashes all its destructive energies, leaving a trail of churned earth. My black mist instantly disperses from the shock, forcing me into the confines of his shadow. However, as I look up at the world above, my marrow chills at the sight of his impassive eyes… staring straight at me from the other side.

Desperately switching between souls, I propel myself to the skies and fly to Tascus with all my might. Nevertheless, I’m far too late as he fires a beam of mana that cuts across the land. Instead of picking them off as I had feared, he carves a border in front of the retreating group, causing them to stumble back in fright. electricity flow diagram Although unharmed, Tascus is far from done as he continues the motion to draw a vast loop around the retreating group. Uttering , the scarred earth begins to rise, shaking the ground and driving the terrified civilians towards the centre. By the time he’s done, Tascus has conjured a towering enclosure of solid dirt, saving everybody for the slaughter.

Damn it. I’ve suffered far too much damage, enough so that I’m haemorrhaging spiritual energy. On top of shattering my spine, he’s even damaged the mana links to my legs. If I try to stand now, I will surely lose my lower half. I’m now well and truly incapacitated, and Tascus will never give me the time to recover. Ironically, as I am now, I can probably fake my death by suppressing my magical and spiritual energies, but I can’t stomach the thought of watching everybody be led to the slaughter.

“Good Lord, I’m amazed you are still alive,” he exclaims as I turn over my broken body. “You may have lost your focus, but your fortitude is as impressive as ever. So much so that I’m beginning to wonder if you also have Maleosis’ divine protection. gas under 2 dollars Nevertheless, it is clear to me now that I must be more thorough with your deliverance, even if it means losing such an ideal vessel.”

Despite completing his incantation, nothing falls from the imposing magical array. Instead, Tascus is staring in dumbfounded shock as I lay on my back with my arm in the air. I can feel the similarly gobsmacked gazes of the surviving cultists as their world comes to a grinding halt. Because resting in the palm of my raised hand… is the prize Tascus has so desperately sought.

“I’m not some unreasonable monster, Enbos. You already know what kind of man I am. The only reason I needed their lives in the first place was to undo the barrier, but now that is no longer necessary. If you will just give me the core, I swear on the name of our Holy Lord that no one else will die this day. You will all be free to leave without reprisal.”

For what feels like an eternity, we stare at each other in stony silence as we silently weigh our options. While Tascus is stalwart, the other cultists are well and truly flustered by my grandiose statement. If they take anybody hostage, I’ll destroy the core on the spot, but even if they let me go, there is no guarantee I won’t destroy it later. They think I’m acting out of spite, but in reality, I’m not as blinded by hate as they think.

I should have just taken Tascus’ initial deal. From what I can fathom, he won’t turn back on his word out of spite, so why am I so intent on keeping the core? For the sake of a country I don’t care about, and would care even less about me? For Sen, Minna, Norf and Lili who wander these lands? Because I’m afraid an evil god will really descend thanks to this maniac?

All of a sudden, in a fit of seeming madness, Tascus begins laughing in a hearty manner. gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore He’s jovial mood stands in such stark contrast to before that I become even warier when he curbs his hostile aura. He’s even deactivated his blessing and erased his magic circle before descending from the skies. Although he is masked, I can tell he is looking at me with a smile.

One by one, they march through the magical gateway until only Tascus remains. With a final bow, he enters the portal and closes it behind him, leaving not a trace of his monstrous figure. For a few seconds, I stare silently after the space he left before looking up at the dreary sky. I then stare in disbelief at the elder lich’s core in my hand.