Chareidi kallah playing the drums at her wedding elicits ire of the eida chareidis yeshiva world news gas prices in michigan


Several things wrong here. 1. Just a few weeks ago at a Chassidish wedding I asked questions as to how it’s considered tznius for an a male (not the chusson or close male relative) to be dancing electricity in indian states in front of the kallah, even if not touching. I also asked how it was considered tznious for the kallah to be the only female in the large room, surrounded by all men. I understand that’s how it’s probably done in those circles, thus that is why I asked in the form of questions and not accusations. I’m sill waiting for other commenters to give appropriate and respectful thoughts on that; it’s welcomed. 2. Regarding the wedding in this particular article above- what is the Rabbinic of Bibilical source of where this is assur? We all agree Kol Isha is without a doubt a problem, but a musical instrument? 3. The Dickman Orchestra is a business just like catering, dentistry, and computer sales are businesses. They were hired gas x strips ingredients and paid to deliver a service with the understanding that some families might be more Chareidy or more Modern (within halachic ramifications); if there is something a business doesn’t feel comfortable engaging in, it’s appropriate to mention it before and wise to indicate it in the contract. I understand there are some frum bands comfortable with mixed dancing and some aren’t- but it’s professional to mention it before signing a contract and accepting payment. For this band to leave a statement indirectly relating or blaming the tzenuah of a new kallah is disgraceful, nasty, and insulting. Same with the hall and kashurus.

Concluding, if a policy is set in place in advance, and is expressed verbally and on paper before signing a contract, then that is certainly a liberty. You don’t blame the tznuah of a very obvious gasco abu dhabi simcha, directing itself towards a newlywed couple. Doing all this after the fact (with some of the nasty statements said) is a mess. I personally wouldn’t consider patronizing those businesses anymore, especially the band.

Waiting for gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers reputable and relevant sources from the Torah or Rabbinical literature (Shulchan Aruch, Divrei’ Moshe, etc) regarding a female playing musical instruments with others in public. Most comments include NO sources. Many comments include minhagim. Comments with quotes about males not thinking or sinning about a married woman is too vague and non-applicable; as the dimensions of daily living entail seeing women in supermarkets, buses, workplace, ElAl seating arrangements, weddings with mixed dinging table seating, shul (particularly shuls like mine that don’t have a female entrance in the back door or through the basement).

Sanzer, RE: Mitzva Tans. This will be a case of “my rav” vs. “your rav”, so we won’t get anywhere, which is fine electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade. During my yeshiva years in Far Rockaway, I recall another student asked the Rebbe about this. In short, the response was that it’s not appropriate for a male relative (outside of the chosson or father) to be dancing in such a fashion in front of the kallah (the lone female in the room). Let me ask you, you really don’t think that the dancing male won’t pay attention to the kallah? I sure believe he will. I understand it is simply minhag for a sect, so it is what it is.

At first I thought this was one of those early Purim shpiels we so look forward to here on YWN this time of year…..then, after realizing that indeed It might be some distorted version of reality Bnai Brak style, it became clear that this was electricity generation by country the newest release of the horror movie series called “The Revenge of the Eidah” Yes, the concept of tzinius extends to dress or behavior that draws excessive and inappropriate d cypha electricity attention to a woman (and men to for that matter). However, to those ehrliche yidden who complain that her being on the stage alone is a form of prtizus that immediately triggered lewd thoughts among all the men in the Simcha hall (…”my husband was nearly out of control”..) we can refer you to any of the hiqhly qualified professionals advertising here on YWN. And to those who claim that a Mitzvah Tanz is DIFFERENT because only the “family” is present and even then, all the men are in rapture watching their rebbe, I’d refer you to any of the gas and sand dozens of Rebbeshe Mitzvah Tanz videos posted here on YWN and on YouTube, showing hundreds and sometimes thousands of chassidim on the sidelines and seated in bleacher seating. If you really think they are ALL focused entirely on their rebbe, than we obviously have the most heilege generation of yidden that warrants Moishiach momentarilyl

can someone please explain to me why now it’s ok to bash chassidim and their minhagim. How come every time something happens we look at chassidim and rip them apart. Are they not part of klal Yisroel. Every single person who wants to know why it’s ok to do a mitzvah tantz is because it’s mesorah. The same way a Sephardi has a mesorah to eat rice or kinyois on Pesach. The same way a yekki can eat meat after 3 hours. So stop ripping on mesorah and minhagim o gastro. There is a mashal I don’t know by which rav but I heard it recently. If you have a pile of nuts and you pull one out the whole pile will fall, let’s say you a pull out a nut shell that is empty will the pile still fall? Yes, the nimshal is even if you don’t know where the mesorah is from or how it got here to start questioning ripping are complaining about gas city indiana weather it is destroying klal Yisroel. So stop hating on chassidim for something that the Charedim is involved in Charedim and chassidim from america or Europe or different types of people, it’s like blaming ger for a problem that was made by satmar it is stupid. Was it not Tznius for the kallah to ply the drums? Rather you hold it was ok or it was not ok, ask yourself would you do it if you were that kallah would you let your daughter do it if she was the kallah. If you would answer no think why, yes it may gas knife lamb not be proper for a women to play in front of men, however at the same time how is this helping klal Yisroel all of us sitting here ripping on this chassan and this kallah for allowing it to happen. Maybe I missed understood when I was younger the matziv but when I was younger I’m pretty sure we were taught that Miriam played the music by the lady’s not the men so please don’t compare this to Miriam unless this band was in the lady section, and if it was that’s a whole different matziv. So please stop rushing to blame chassidim for being a little more machmar then you or stop blaming this kallah for wanting to play drums by her wedding, and stop blaming the eidah for getting upset, or the band for allowing it cause it happened it’s over nothing you can do or say will change what happened and how people reacted we can just ask ourselves how we will handle the situation if it was gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator our own wedding or our children’s weddings.