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Summerford and Mulcahy have each been interested in food for a long time and had individual dreams of having a restaurant of their own someday. The two friends each made their way to Fayetteville years ago from South Carolina and Virginia under varying circumstances. Bp gas prices ny They had worked together on and off in various area restaurants and other businesses.

“For whatever reason, there’s something about Fayetteville that just keeps us here. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes This was not my plan to live here — it was like a two-month layover on my way somewhere else,” Summerford said. “Ten years later, here I still am. Gas bloating after eating We all decided we wanted to make this home, so now we’ve decided to try to help build up the town we want to live in — starting with the place we want to eat.” Summerford and Mulcahy opened the restaurant with their friend and former head chef Oscar Aguilar after a year and a half of planning and renovating the building.

Throughout the years, the two have developed relationships with local farmers, bakers and gardeners. Electricity and magnetism pdf Summerford previously worked for the Farmland Protection Board where she began to formulate connections in the area — and now “it just all kind of comes together.” “Word gets out that we’re looking and it spreads and they start finding us. E payment electricity bill mp Some of it came from a lot of effort and research,” she said.

Gas x directions “The lady you get the beef from, you ask if she knows a potato guy and then the potato guy knows someone with great carrots and so on.” Growing up on a farm, Summerford knows there are no guarantees in the industry. Electricity towers health risks Things can go wrong, many variables are out of the farmer’s control and there is no guaranteed hourly wage. Supporting local industry — like farmers and the local food movement — is one way the owners see an opportunity to support the Fayetteville community and support a diverse economy in West Virginia.

“Buy really nice beef, then you don’t have to drown it in sauce. N game Just cook it with a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and move on with your life,” Summerford said.

Electricity billy elliot “You don’t need to put gravy and A1 and stuff on the beef here.” The drink menu boasts beers and wines as well as craft cocktails with fresh juices and syrups. Grade 9 electricity The Station’s cocktails all have their own twist to a classic drink. Summerford said one of her biggest hopes is that chef Jeffrey Toth and sous-chef Brandon Holliday’s seasonal menu will teach diners about the health, taste and economic benefits of eating locally as opposed to buying food from a grocery store.

“We just want people to understand that and do better for themselves and demand better, whether they’re gardening at home or they’re choosing to buy locally instead of going to the grocery and buying things that they have no idea where it came from or what’s in it,” she said. Gas 0095 “It’s scary the stuff that people are putting into their bodies.

” It’s hard for Summerford to put her finger on what draws her to Fayetteville, what’s kept her here for years, what’s motivated her to launch a business in the town on the New River Gorge. Friends alternately describe Fayetteville as the Island of Misfit Toys from the animated film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” or liken a trip there to the disorienting sensation of stepping into a giant wardrobe and finding yourself in Narnia, the strange and mythical land of C.S. Elektricity club Lewis’ imagination. “It’s its own little place, and the people who choose to come here are coming here for a reason. Gas symptoms There’s a really strong community that is starting to form of people who appreciate and kind of demand that type of feeling.

Gastroparesis And this can play a part of that,” she said. “Secret Sandwich Society is a big part of that, Pies and Pints obviously, Vandal’s Kitchen. Gaston y astrid lima There are a lot of places here that are tired of that ‘good enough’ mantra and are looking to do better and are working really hard to bring unique, original options to this town.

” Prior to the restaurant, the building was a gas station. 5 gases that come from car emissions Summerford said the name is a nod to the former gas station and Fayette Station, a former town in the Gorge that was previously a popular arrival and departure point.

The restaurant building, which is on North Court Street in Fayetteville, was built in 1922. Gas city indiana post office It once housed the printing press for the former State Sentinel newspaper from 1922-1977. Mementos from the town and building’s history, anti-alcohol propaganda and other tokens from the past were found during the renovation process and are on display inside the restaurant. Summerford said as owners, their biggest hope is that the atmosphere, paired with the food, will take a diner’s experience to “the next level.

” “A lot of people come in just because they’re hungry, and we want to take that up to the next level and give them an experience they weren’t expecting and make their day better or make a crappy day into a good day all of a sudden,” she said. The Station is located at 312 North Court St. Z gastroenterol in Fayetteville. Electricity video ks2 It’s open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. Electricity questions for class 10 to midnight, Fridays from 4 p.m. I have electricity in my body to 2 a.m., Saturdays from 11 a.m. Chapter 7 electricity and magnetism to 2 a.m. Electricity symbols and meanings and Sundays from 11 a.m. Electricity flow direction to midnight. Site: