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What I’m trying to say is that of course you’ll feel weird at first with your menstrual cup. You’ll need to get used to it! Learn to live with it. Just like you had to learn to live with the diapers and the cotton balls when you were younger. Or periods altogether. Because periods are natural, they are a good thing and they are a sign of health (and they give you an excuse to eat chocolate).

I speak of my own and lots of my friends’ experience, when I say this: menstrual cup is the best invention for periods. You read that right, the best. electricity news philippines It actually makes periods manageable. Like, you don’t have to worry about them. gas works park It’s also hygienic, environmentally friendly, comfortable and cheap. Can’t say that for tampons or sanitary napkins, can you?

Now I realize that a reusable cup can sound scary. You can’t just toss it in the trash and imagine you’re not bleeding. Because, let’s just face it: you are. And before you get grossed out: these are just facts. Oh – and did I already mention about the whole ‘periods are natural’ thing? In case you forgot: periods are natural. These are normal things I’m talking about. We should talk about this.

I’ve now used menstrual cup for – well, I’ve lost count. I think eight years? I’ve only needed to buy a new cup once. At first my cup was clear-colored, but since it does stain a little during the years, I switched to a new pretty purple color. electricity hero names And about the staining – make sure to always rinse out the cup with cold water first. Just like you do with blood stains. That helps to keep the cup unstained.

Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation is lovely – just like a good mineral foundation is. It evens out the skin tone, hides small blemishes or redness and looks extremely natural. electricity austin You can build it up and choose how much coverage you want. Mineral makeup also typically reflects light, so your skin looks radiant. It also looks great in photos (haha). I find that it also lasts pretty well on my skin. If I want it to last even longer, I do apply some powder on top of it on my T-zone.

The Pressed Blush in the shade Ticled Pink is a pretty every day color. gas definition state of matter It’s a sheen peachy pink color, which means that it has a lot of glow and shimmer to it. You could almost use it as a highlighter. If your skin is very dry, I would recommend a matte blush. My skin is dry on the cheeks and I find that shimmery colors tend to emphasize the dry spots. Once my skin gets back to normal, I think I will appreciate this glowy blush more.

The Mineral Eye Shadow I chose is a golden color named Sticky Toffee. It’s a pretty color with an amazing pigment. It’s also easy to use. Here I just applied it all over my lid with my finger – no brushes needed! When I want to wear something very simple, I just choose one color and apply it all over my eyes like this. gas vs electric water heater It also works for other colors. Do try it!

And then to the lip products – which are my favorites. I have the Natural Lip Pencil in Hot Pink and Natural Lip Gloss in English Rose. These work beautifully together and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. Just as my skin, my lips have been quite dry as well, but these I’ve been able to wear. It must be because of their moisturizing properties. They both contain natural oils and especially the lip gloss feels very nourishing. Oh – and the lip gloss smells like chocolate. electricity production in india Sold.

Other new products that I used were the BBB London Brow Definer and Essence mascara. The brow product I got from my Lookfantastic Advent Calendar. I’ve been opening my Christmas Calendars on my Instagram stories, so if you’re interested in the new products I get from my calendars, come follow me! About the mascara – after so many mascara disappointments, I finally went back to essence’s mascaras. They are just the best.