Chase ink business unlimited credit card review – 1.5% cash back electricity and magnetism pdf


The most straightforward way to redeem is for cash back, applicable as a statement credit or bank account deposit. You can also redeem for gift cards from dozens of merchants, travel items, (including hotels, rental cars, and airfare), general merchandise such as kitchenware, and bespoke experiences (such as dinner cruises). If you have an account, you can redeem your points directly for purchases at checkout.

Moreover, certain cards (including Sapphire Preferred and Reserve) allow cardholders to transfer their Ultimate Rewards points to select Chase travel partners at an enviable 1-to-1 ratio. electricity in the body causes This is far better than typical transfer ratios, which can be as low as 10-to-1 or 15-to-1. If you have a card with 1-to-1 transfer privileges or plan to apply for one soon, you can get a head start on your first transfer with Chase Ink Business Unlimited. Travel partners are subject to change, but include Southwest Airlines and Marriott-Starwood. electricity billy elliot lyrics Ink Mobile App

Ink Business Unlimited cardholders enjoy complimentary purchase protection insurance, which covers theft and damage to purchased items, up to $10,000 per item and $50,000 total (lifetime) per account. This benefit applies to repair or replacement costs, and must be invoked within 120 days of a covered item’s purchase. electricity jokes puns Extended Warranty Coverage

• 12-Month 0% APR Promotion on Purchases and Balance Transfers. This card is one of the few no-annual-fee business cards with a 0% APR introductory promotion on purchases and balance transfers. Both promotions last 12 months from your account opening date, leaving plenty of runway to finance major business purchases or pay down high-interest debt transferred from an existing credit card account.

• Favorable Point Pooling and Transfer Options. If you have another Ultimate Rewards credit card, you can pool your Ink Business Unlimited points with points earned on those accounts to juice your redemption power. This is particularly beneficial for cardholders with premium travel cards that offer elevated redemption values on travel purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards travel portal and facilitate transfers to participating travel loyalty programs at a highly favorable 1-to-1 ratio.

• Lenient, Flexible Redemption Framework. electricity explained You can redeem your accumulated cash back – Ultimate Rewards points – for pretty much anything, from cash and cash equivalents to travel and bespoke experiences. Or, if you prefer, you can redeem your points directly for purchases. This is a big advantage over more restrictive branded credit cards, which require or encourage cardholders to redeem in a narrower band.

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited SM Credit Card isn’t the most generous business credit card on the block. gas bubbler Some premium competitors allow high-spending business owners to earn double its 1.5% rate of return on a consistent basis. Top-shelf airline and hotel rewards credit cards may offer even higher earning potential for users well-versed in the ins and outs of travel loyalty programs, though their redemption options tend to be more circumscribed.