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Picnic, picnic, picnic. Visit a local food market and buy some of the best produce you can find. Grab some cold salads, some bread, fresh fruit and pick a glorious spot, sit down and relax and enjoy your meal at a fraction of what a meal out would cost. gas finder mn Don’t just think of picnics for lunch, consider one for dinner as well. I am not talking about eating in your car or anything boring like that. Instead, join the locals on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower, and watch the lights twinkle. gas meter reading It will be a romantic dinner picnic you’ll not soon forget. Or dangle your feet off a less-traveled footbridge in Venice and watch the gondolas float by. Now that’s a picnic!

Always ask the locals where they eat. Notice, I did not say to ask them where to go for a special evening, or a one of a kind experience. That is not what you want when you are on a budget. You want good fresh food at the best prices. Places you won’t find in any guidebook. Locals don’t go out for expensive dinners all the time. So don’t ask your concierge. p gaskell Try asking your taxi driver, housekeeper, the guy at the post office or the girl at the supermarket. Regular folks. I haven’t been steered wrong yet!

Order the house wine and tap water. These options are much cheaper than soda or bottled water. arkansas gas association All house wines I have had in France and Italy have been better than many expensive bottled wines I’ve had in the states. And since tap water is free and very drinkable in Europe, not ordering that bottled water will save you at least 5 € on your bill.

Reuse your water bottle and refill it all day. Parts of France and Italy have fountains that flow with delicious spring water. If you’re like me, I drink water constantly. h gas l gas You have to stay hydrated, especially if you’re traveling in the hot summer months. And if each bottle costs you 2 €, you could spend upward of 10 € a day, just on water. It’s also good for the environment to reuse those plastic bottles. Go green and save the green!

Sometimes, you just have to eat at that place . You know that five-star, Michelin or Zagat rated people-can’t-stop-talking-about-it.. place. Trust me, I get it. z gas tijuana telefono Really, I do. But, think about this – my guess is, many times you’re going for the experience, as much as the meal. What if, just getting all gussied up and sauntering up to the bar enjoying a drink and an appetizer would satisfy this need? It just might and you will be able to save a boatload, without sacrificing most of the experience.

Choose a hotel with breakfast included. If renting an apartment is not your style, you could stay somewhere that includes breakfast everyday. I found a hotel in Paris that included a wonderful, albeit basic, fresh baguette with butter and jam, fresh OJ and a choice of cafe au lait, tea or hot chocolate. It certainly held me over until I had an early lunch. electricity merit badge requirements It saved me about 50 € over the course of 10 days. Bed and Breakfasts are a much cozier and friendlier option and the breakfasts tend to be larger, homemade and can vary from morning to morning. And who knows, you may add a new recipe to your collection if the hosts feel like sharing.

These things may not seem like rocket science. Most are common sense. electricity hair stand up But I find that you have to be conscious of your decisions with money. You have to actively put these things into practice in order to reap the rewards. It just doesn’t happen. Each tip on its own may not seem like a huge money saver, but if you put them all to use, you can really save yourself some coin and still eat very well.