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I have been having trouble with my knee joint for a long time. Having joined the Indian Navy after my Engineering education, i plunged fully in the Navy life — both professionally and in outdoor activities. It was one of my skiing holidays in the Austrian ag gaston birmingham Alps, during X’mas vacation, while undergoing my post graduation training with the Royal Navy that i hurt my knee for the first time, while going down a steep slope. It of course healed quickly but, the knee remained a weak spot and during my subsequent strong physical activities during the rigours of the sea life, one would get an impact on that spot again and again. Finally I decided ( at my ripe age e85 gas stations in san antonio tx of 76 years ) to go to Jeevana, a wonderful Ayurvedic treatment and consulting centre, in Pune, India. Dr Nair examined me and took me straight on for the treatment from the very next day. It involved 14 sessions, spread over about 3 weeks and included full body message, special knee message, hot oil bath, warm milk bath etc — sounds exotic, but it indeed was most relaxing, rejuvenating and stress relieving. On top of it, I found that everyone in the centre, right from Dr Nair downwards, was determined to make me feel good and pain free. Everyone did his/her very best to make me feel comfortable from the time I entered the lovely cottage and yet very comfortable treatment centre. Their sense of grit and determination rubbed on me and helped me also to mentally get determined to get well. It was a great experience. Most importantly, it cured me of my pain almost 80%, the pain which I was carrying with me for many years. My wife, Dr Veena and I had planned to tour all the seven North Eastern states of India, bordering Myanmar, Bangladesh and China. It is a rigorous journey in the electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade mountain terrain and at high altitudes. I wanted to be fit and active enough to go through the 20 days of gruelling journey. We have just come back from that trip and I went trough it with complete comfort and ease. I thank Dr Nair, Jeevana Centre and gas constant in kj all the staff for my happy and successful journey in the North East.

I have been a patron of Jeevana for as long as I can remember and have had good experiences before.. However year on year the service has detoriated beyond words and when positive criticism/ improvement feedback seemed unacceptable to Dr. Mrs. Nair (co-owner) I decided to resort to social media Here’s what went wrong 24th December ~2:15 IST I call up jeevana for an appointment – the regular wellness package 2 hours therapy 4000 INR The front desk electricity jeopardy game picks up the fone listens to my request and blatantly puts the fone away and continues with her own personal conversation on her cell phone.. After 3 minutes returns back on my call and asks again what do U need?! 2:30 pm I reach the spa at 2:30 make the payment.. Oh they need upfront payment so that no grievances of services are negotiated later 2:45 pm I m shifted to a room and start with a head massage 5 mins later am asked to move to another room apparently gas connection issues in the room for heating the oil I shift… The therapy commences with 2 therapists (male) 5 mins in to the therapy again I am asked for room change.. How annoying and disturbing.. Still I give in 3:00 pm The therapy finally starts And all looks good when suddenly the owner Dr Vinod Nair without respecting the privacy of the therapy barges in to the room and takes one therapist away after conversing in malayalam for 5 minutes.. Reason? Another customer walks in and they gas oil ratio formula decide to let me be with a single therapist sending the second one to attend new customer 3:15 pm Again Dr Nair jumps in (how ill mannered) disturbs the therapy and takes away the second therapist as well.. Reason? Again same as above.. More customer walking in and electricity and circuits class 6 cbse no staff to attend As a result am left in the therapy room for 15 minutes doing nothing 3:45 pm finally they send in a thin female therapist to complete the massage.. Are u kidding me? Am on g strings.. Have a large muscular built and now u want me to get a therapy from lady therapist who because of physical limitations completes the treatment in a touch and go manner 4:30 pm Finally the ordeal ends with a steam bath where the steam just doesn’t work again the therapist ignores the failure 5:00 pm At the reception when I gave gas under 3 dollars the feedback on being asked by Dr Mrs Vinod Nair she had only one thing to say.. its Xmas time and we are understaffed hence all the issues My advice : well mam if u r understaffed Don’t take over bookings… Don’t commercialise it so much that the greed for money making overtakes ur commitment to existing patrons and services you committed. No sorry just a cold response from the owner on the feedback The most horrible experience ever.. Merry Christmas to Mr Mrs Nair and their uncouth front desk ..Guess what you have just lost a patron