Check your cable bill for these new hidden fees electricity transformer near house

According to cable companies, it’s a byproduct of the rising costs for them to carry traditional broadcast networks. They say the price to provide us with Fox and CBS, among others, has gone up, and some of the cost is being passed on to us.

The added cost that is landing on customers and the portion that is being eaten by the cable companies is uncertain, but even if they are taking on a fair share of the burden, it’s not likely to make us feel better. It’s understandable we’ll have to pay more for premium channels, DVRs and other features, but in terms of the basic channels, any additional cost just seems wrong. How much more are you paying?

DirecTV, which is owned by AT&T, boosted its prices $2 to $8 a month, depending on the plan, back in January. Regional sports fees went up at most $1, while the cost to get the Outdoor Channel rose $1.50. If you are a fan of NFL Sunday Ticket, the Max Package will rise from the $378 it was last year to $396 next season.

Cox Communications raised its rates in January, charging $1 more per month for its basic plan and $5 more for its larger TV packages. Adding to the increase was the change in their broadcast fee, which went from $4 to $7.50 per month, while regional sports surcharges rose to, on average, $5.15 from $4.20.

Altice/Optimum got a head start on the increase game, raising their rates an average of 2.4 percent last November. Specifically, their Broadcast Basic tier went up $4 per month, and they started charging some customers $4 per month for a broadcast TV fee that had previously only been applied to new customers. There is also now a sports surcharge of up to $2 more per month. So what are your options?

As previously mentioned, you could switch to one of the many streaming services. Popular options include Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu, YouTubeTV and PlayStation Vue, and though they don’t offer as many channels as traditional cable providers, there’s a good chance they will not leave you wanting.

The previous image is just a small sample of information that you’ll find on the chart. Click here to view the complete list with nearly 170 top channels and which streaming service channel lineup they’re available on. Bonus! Komando TV streaming box

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