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Innovest Global Inc. (IVST) shares have found support over the past 3 weeks and begun to break higher again as the company releases further confirmation that its diversified strategy is beginning to pay off as management executes on a number of different lines.

Innovest Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: IVST) is a diversified conglomerate organization that has been building a reputation in the marketplace for core execution. According to company materials, Innovest’s planned subsidiaries operate across telehealth, biotech, commercial energy, business-to-business distribution, national call center and auto sales.

One of the core components of this division is the company’s proprietary LEEP financing program, which is a zero out of pocket financing program for clients, that uses savings to pay for upgrades. “LEEP” stands for Lighting Energy Efficiency Program.

It is a revolutionary Innovest financing tool that allows clients who wish to upgrade to energy efficient hardware, to finance the hardware and installation by paying a portion of the energy cost savings monthly. The result is a cash flow positive savings for the client. It is available for Demand Cost Reduction pole-mount or box unit, as well as all of the company’s efficiency solutions.

According to MarketsAndMarkets, the global LED lighting market is estimated to be worth $92.40 billion by 2022, which represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.66%. The market research firm sees the growth being driven by increasing demand for energy efficiency products, LED costs are falling, and overall greater adoption of the technology as a general lighting source.

According to Renub Research, the global LED lighting market is estimated to be worth $100 billion by the end of 2024. The market research firm sees the vast global growth primarily stemming from exponential global urbanization and greater awareness to energy efficiency systems.

In PwC’s “2017 Power and Utilities Trend” report, analysts concluded that a vast majority of the growth will come from a “blueprint for a service-based model.” This would include: emerging technologies, monitoring equipment, sensors, energy management technology, and more.

For example, the company’s Call Center segment announced that it has won a significant bid for a contract with industry leader MRI Software, which has high compliance requirements – an Innovest Call Center expertise, since acquiring Crestwood Management in January.

According to the release, “The client, Wrap-Tite, Inc, is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, and the only Extruder/Converter of stretch film in the United States. Saving 30% of their electricity cost in the 200,000 square foot facility was easy to understand, but for any company, budgeting nearly $100,000 to do so is not as easy of a decision. Using the LEEP Program, they became the latest Energy Group client to upgrade without dipping into their cash, or adding to their monthly expenses.”

“The Division now has $4 million in annual run rate revenue, a significant increase from the five-figure revenue it started with in the fourth quarter of 2017. On a monthly basis, it represents 550% growth in monthly revenue in four months, and is continuing to expand. The Commercial & Industrial Division features Energy Solutions for businesses, sales of products to industrial clients, and a Call Center that does inbound and outbound calls for business and government clients.”

Patience is a virtue. In fact, as we have monitored the stock in recent action, we’ve seen it do two important things: establish confirmation of critical support around the $0.20 per share level, and establish and hold its new and emerging bullish uptrend line.

It’s important to understand that this action comes in the context of an existing longer-term uptrend that got its start around the beginning of this year. In other words, this recent show of support represents a higher low in the context of the stocks longer-term action.