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penzino: Bro, its good u applied for chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is like a parent course where petroleum, biomedical, reservoir, environmental and genetic engineering all fall under… Study ur chemical engineering and then in ur 2nd degree u could just choose a field under the entire chemical engineering… All the best, I studied chemical engine but I wan do petroleum econs for masters. All za best bro.

Chemical Engineering is not a parent course for all those courses you mentioned. I’m not aware where you got your facts from. Firstly, Reservoir engineering is a sub-area of petroleum engineering. Petroleum Engineering is primarily sub-surface and concerned with getting the crude oil and gas to the surface where it is then sent for processing or export and it is in processing that the chemical Engineers come into play in the oil and gas sector (Refineries, LNG plants, processing plants, etc).

While Petroleum Engineering is more streamlined to a specific industry – Oil & Gas, chemical engineering is broader and its graduates can work in many industries. You may narrow your future possibilities if you study petroleum engineering but it could well pay off if it goes right and whereas, You can still work in some other jobs if you make a Second Class Upper or a 1st. I studied Petroleum Engineering and made a 2:1 but got employed in Consulting (focused on IT) right after graduation some time ago and have never looked back and have no regrets especially as I mostly work in top Oil & Gas companies here and did back in Nigeria in consulting roles. Nearly all my classmates who made 2:1 or 1st and even many with 2:2 work as PEs in Oil & Gas or Service companies. Some went on to do masters overseas and got good jobs there and even back home. Re: Chemical Engineering Vs Petroleum Engineering by Sodiq3( m): 1:54pm On Sep 17, 2013

Generally, engineering disciplines are more of mathematics inclination than most people think before they venture into the study. Broaden your mathematical skills. If you did not take further mathematics in secondary school, then that should be your first point of call. All engineering disciplines have good prospects. Mark the word " good prospects". Albeit, your final grade in school will determine how much of that prospect you will enjoy!

I will encourage you to follow your heart and know what you want. If you study chemical engineering, let it be based on your passion and flair for the subject. Same applies to Petroleum engineering. Prospects come with good grades and God’s favour, in addition to keeping abreast of facts.

There are engineering design companies, which are not necessarily the well known IOCs, that hire most engineering disciplines. They pay well and the engineering experience in those places can be so fulfilling. However, getting opportunity in such places means you will have to compete with the best in the country. So strive to master your course of study.

Caveat: I had my first degree in Mechanical Engineering, and I work as Mechanical Engineer. Its the best choice I made. Thanks to my elder brother for his counsel back then. I wanted Chemical or Petroleum engineering but he advised I go for Mechanical Engineering. Now I reap the benefits!