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Nibis I can tell you about my gallbladder problems. I have not had mine removed because it puts lots of stress on your colon and then more prone to colon cancer. I had my first attack last fall. I had been feeling this weird sensation in my right side just under my ribcage. It felt like a muscle spasm. Then a few days later it got worse and I was doubled over with severe chest pains. I called the paramedics and after they got here they told me I was not having a heart attack but it could be my gallbladder. By that time the pains had disappeared and I refused to go to the hospital. A few days later my doctor said it sounded like I passed a gallstone. So I had an ultrasound and I had a few tiny stones. I did alot of research online. Doctor said I did not have to have my gallbladder removed unless it became infected, which then would be life threatening. I found a website that instructed me to try the water flush. So I drink about 10 glasses of water a day now, or try to, and that awful pain has not returned. Whenever I feel like someone is poking me in the right side, I take a big drink of water and its gone in 10 minutes. As for the PVCs, I have had those about 25 years now. I was just recently on an event monitor because they were getting worse and could not be captured on the EKG. I found that taking Mylanta when I have the chest pains from these skipped beats has helped alot. I’m thinking I may have GERD and that is whats causing the PVCs. I just found out that you can have GERD and not have any burning in your esophigis. Anyway, I hope this helps.

I was just diagnosed with a low funcioning Gall Bladder via the HIDA scan. My PC has referred me to a GI Dr. but I can’t get in just for the consult until December! I called my gp back asking if she can prescribe something for the nausea, chest pain or shortness of breath, while I wait to get in to see the GI doc. All of which she said no to. She simply put it, "You’ll have to see the GI Doc and let him prescribe you something. Don’t these docs know that by the time most of us are diagnosed, we have already been through the ringer? I have a 6 year old daughter that I would like to be able to keep up with and it seems like forever to get through all of the specialists I need to see before I can actually get some results that make a difference. Does anybody know what I can do in the meantime? I don’t want to sit in the ER again for 4 and a half hours due to chest pain. I know it’s not going to help, even if I could tolerate sitting in one of their chairs for hours on end. I just want to start feeling better. Any ideas anybody?

I have GERDS and LPR…diagnosed about five years ago..Been on protonix..I have it somewhat under control,but still seem to get the gas pains in back quite often…I am now suffering from what I think is gall bladder probs…I have an appt tomorrow with my doctor..Pain under right rib, diarrhea, pain upper right scapula…What is really worrying me, is that when this first started to act up, I was out of town…I went to bed, with that gnawing feeling in my tummy…and woke up with pain over my left shoulder blade..I moved around a bit, and it didnt go away…i got up and walked to the light in the bedroom, and then i was feeling it down my left arm and back up to my left breast…It scared me..but within a few short mins it was gone…Within the next few days, i was really scaring myself, imagining all kinds of things, and my left arm still seemed achy, so i went to the ER thinking i was having a coronary symptom..I was given an ekg, blood enzymes, and monitored for hours…everyhthing came back A OK…I never mentioned the gallbladder symptoms, and they attributed it to pinched nerve…Most things I read say that this only presents on right side…althogh, i have been in medical field for a long time, and I do know that the vega nerve can attribute to left pain…My question is, has anyone here ever had left side pain or left arm pain from gallbladder??…Im still very nervous about this…any reassurance would help greatly..I have had ekgs every year…no probs…no smoking,…and no heart probs in my family…thanks