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The Kesher Israel Preschool, located in Chester County, started in 1990 and has grown from two small classes to a full-service preschool educating children from ages 12 months to pre-kindergarten age, regardless of religious affiliation. We are welcoming to families of all faiths.

The philosophy of the Preschool centers on the development of a positive self-concept for the child. This is achieved through providing age appropriate experiences that strengthen socialization skills and self- confidence. All activities are carefully planned to provide a warm, nurturing environment in which to learn, play and grow.

Kesher Israel Preschool provides a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment in which a child can develop a positive attitude about himself and toward others as well as a love for learning. We provide each child with experiences that build socialization skills, encourage exploration, and foster creativity. We teach the importance of mitzvot through the introduction of Jewish customs, rituals and holidays. Teachers

Our experienced teachers provide a safe, nurturing, and enriching classroom environment for every child. Their classroom activities are planned to accommodate the children’s individual social, emotional, physical and academic growth in a child centered learning environment. The teachers at Kesher Israel Preschool attend many Early Childhood workshops, conferences and courses to keep up with the latest developing theories and classroom practices. Some of these include:

• Directors Council for The Jewish Learning Venture – discussing current issues of concern, strategies for advocating for early childhood programs, new educational trends, techniques for working with staff, and study topics suggested by members.

A wide variety of indoor and outdoor experiences provide a well balanced curriculum guided by the Pennsylvania Core State Standards. Gross motor activities are enhanced by our two outdoor playgrounds and a large carpeted indoor area which includes climbing equipment and bikes. The children are exposed to music, language arts, science, art, drama, math, cooking, play, social sciences, and literature through a developmentally appropriate approach. Our preschool offers extended morning and afternoon hours to accommodate busy schedules.

We welcome parents of children in our school to participate in many ways. All are encouraged to join in to assist the teachers with specific activities, and/or share their talents. Many working parents offer help away from the classroom by making calls on behalf of the school, preparing craft projects, or sending in supplies for specific activities. In addition, there are opportunities to become involved with our PTO and lend a hand or chair events throughout the school year. Judaic

While the children at Kesher Israel Preschool enjoy the beauty of Judaism by participating through ‘hands on’ experiences, we also foster respect for all of the different backgrounds, cultures and religions represented within the families in our school. They become familiar with the culture, holidays and customs of the Jewish religion as well as discover the importance of Tzedakah, Mitzvot (giving and helping others less fortunate) and Jewish values. Our Judaic specialist provides experiences which are exciting and age appropriate for all of the children. In addition, the children have the opportunity to spend time with Rabbi Troster every Friday morning to prepare for Shabbat, with our Religious School director, Rabbi Kravitz and our Judaic music teacher. For more information: