Chevy cobalt 199 reviews (with ratings) consumeraffairs gas in babies treatment


There were two recalls on the machine (my wife calls it Trixie), neither b games unblocked of which made it run better or worse. The first 25K miles were stressful trying to get warranty service out of Chevy. After the first alignment problems with the car I have had NO NO NO other problems with it. It has been a stellar performer. I like the ride after replacing the struts and tires. The mileage has been as high r gas constant kj as 38 (rare) and as low as 28 (bike rack and high wind). 90% of the miles on it are on a nice smooth highway with a daily commute of 75 miles/day, elevation change of 2200 feet. I plan on getting 250K miles before buying another car. At 202,000 miles it is starting to burn oil. I have to put a quart of oil in at 2000 miles and it is down another quart at the 4000 mile mark when I change the oil (50% on the counter).

Next summer I will have to change the water pump, which by the way is the dumbest, stupidest, idiotic-est, criminal-est, way of designing a water pump. One side of the pump is in the oil galley so if the water seal leaks, it leaks water electricity and magnetism ppt into the oil pan. Guarantee of a blown engine when the water pump fails. Very Very VERY stupid. If you are getting brown oil, this is probably why. The engine doesn’t rattle or knock and the transmission is still tight. A reminder that I drive the car on the highway about 90% on the time so wear electricity grounding works is minimal.

The car has never quit or left me stranded. 3 windshields, two sets of rotors (they make two sizes, large for the turbo model and small for the LS) which are cheap and come with brake pads and easy to change. The water pump is not gas mask tattoo easy to change, it is rather involved. Would I buy another? I am an electronics technician so electrical problems are just a challenge. Yes I would buy another one unless I retire first.

Shortly she began experiencing wiring problem with the car. The brake (stop) light goes on while she is driving mp electricity bill payment online indore and goes off when she stops. While on vacation, I took it to Pep Boys on Vine St, Kissimmee, Florida. They ordered the parts. After waiting most of the day, I was told that they could not calibrate the vehicle. I was told to go to Starling Chevrolet, Orlando, Florida to have the calibration done. Less than six months later the same problem showed up. My daughter, who goes to college in Florida, took the vehicle to Chevrolet dealer in Orlando. They refuse to correct the problem claiming that it must go back to Starling gas hydrates wiki Chevrolet.

I brought it back to the dealer. It was calibrated and still acting up again. The dealer couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. A search on shows that the problem exists with the 2008 which were recalled. I called Chevrolet Company (866-790-5600) and spoke with Justin who claimed gas pain he did see any recalls and will look into the matter. Just like I told him, it appears that Chevrolet is waiting for something devastating to happen to my daughter or someone before they fix the issue.

The technician suggested we go for a ride and while on the ride the car acted up and he was able to see what I was talking about. When we got back to the service dept he told the service manager that he thought it was the cluster panel but the tech said he would have to look at some technical manuals and give a call to GMAC, and they would call me. I waited a day gas key bolt carrier then I called them. They said that because I told them I started having problems with it after they changed the ignition they would replace the ignition again as a recall. I brought it in today. The car seemed fine but electricity water analogy when I jumped on the highway just 1 hour after getting it fixed it was doing the same exact thing. I just paid my last payment today, after having paid on it for 5 years. I had planned on having no payments for a couple of years gas x and pregnancy because I have a student loan and mortgage and I felt like at last maybe I could have a little breathing room financially with no car payment.

My car only has 59,800 miles on it and I don’t know what is going to happen. The tech said he would call GMAC on Monday. Today is Friday, so I am stranded because after reading all these complaints and because of my own instincts in feeling that my car is not safe to drive, I don’t dare go anywhere and even if I try and get rid of this car or trade it in they are going to see it has problems and so I won’t get anything for it. So I have paid on a car for gas station car wash 5 years and it is worth nothing. I am so upset right now and that is a mild description on what I am really feeling right now. I am single and work two jobs to make gas finder map ends meet, I have a student loan to pay and I’m thinking now that I am going to have to have another car payment.

GM has another cover up and now they just need to go to jail!! My car is leaking gasoline at the gas tank and I don’t know how long it’s been leaking. Just found it yesterday. Reading about the stories online on the fuel system recall and it only covers the 2006 Cobalts in the southern states. This has me furious!! This recall came out in 2009 and it was a very hot summer in Portland, OR that year and a blistering hot summer last year electricity and circuits.

Here’s the problem… GM knows my 2005 Cobalt has the exact same fuel delivery system and parts but deliberately excluded my car out of the recall knowing since 2009 that it is a life threatening situation… Another 7 years driving a potential car bomb!! The last issue in my car that I can’t find a recall for is my locks. I panic at stoplights wondering if a bum will jump in my passenger door since the sgas belfast locks are loudly unlocking and locking constantly!! I’m afraid of this car and I want my money back with pain and suffering!! Waiting to see what the dealer says on my gas leak today :(. I will never buy a GM car again!!