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so its reasonable and expected that the majority of guys buying a fullsize truck will be taking a moment to deny the idea of a 4cyl. i would say if your over 18-20 years old the idea will be silly to you…but if your two or three years old, and your dad buys a 4 cyl silverado or a eco boost ranger and you inherit it when your 15 or 16….the idea of this question would not make sense to you. i really have to know the REAL WORLD unladen daily mpg before i can even think about any firm thought of this.

i have been fortunate enough to have driven or have owned 10-12 sec cars with 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cyl engines over my life. i mention this because untill very recently the technology to pull off the power to displacement we have today did not exist and now that is does its shifting paradigms quickly. so i know there really was no way to effectively get it all untill the later engines..

so a bit more time will determine whether these paradigm shifts will stay or not. the gdi allows maximum use of the energy content of the gasoline pushing these engines into diesel territory. like modern diesels the complexity may prove too risky. the offset differential of diesel fuels energy content advantage vs emissions is at a point of wonder. regardless. this new engine is here and going into production.

Seriously???? I see more bad ass vehicles like sports cars and new trucks that just putt around town and barely do the speed limit. There’s a ton of people who don’t understand what a gas pedal is and drive like reasonable people. I also have heard many bad things about the ecoboosts. Also I see a lot of guys who own full size diesels and they consider going to a "half ton that can tow 10k" and change their minds really quick. Guys who drive real trucks know the difference in fake trucks that can tow 10k but they struggle to stay straight, stop, accelerate, decelerate and so on.

everybody i know with a eco truck has a hard time driving "easy" as the rule…i am sure it gets done….sometimes. that said…for fleet use i would go 5.0…1/2 tons and 6.2 for the 3/4 and 1 tons using generic drivers…the modern diesels are costly and having reliability issues in the market i am working in.

the gm rides like my ranger…great on smooth roads….need a kidney belt on shitty roads…of course with a 3/4 or 1 ton i expect lower ride quality…but surely….a 14 2500 gm should out ride my captain cavepig leaf sprung ford ranger?? but no…it does not…

I think that having that engine with a manual transmission would almost render it unusable actually. If it’s developing some 350lb ft at 1,500 RPM that’s some serious push. If you were on the throttle and were a little too aggressive on the clutch engagement I can see that grenading stuff quick. With an auto, particularly a fancy 8 speed, is going to have a much more difficult time lugging that engine.

I’d also go so far as to say that they’ve probably done some trick gearing in that trans and maybe in combination with some boost control in lower gears so that when starting, it may not reach full power/boost, but compensates for it with lower early gears.

I’ve towed tons of stuff with my little 4 cylinder Ranger. It hasn’t necessarily been quick about it at times, but it’s pulled it and hit highway speeds, even if only 60. My point is, you don’t need enough horsepower and torque to pull thousands of pounds up hills and steep grades at 70 and hardly notice it, or be able to accelerate like it’s not even there. I’ve also heard from some of the RV guys that these big diesel trucks will blow a tire on the trailer and be driving along for quite some time (usually until someone starts honking), because they make so much power they didn’t notice the tire blown. You’d think they see it in the mirror but let’s be honest about todays drivers…

Side note, I didn’t see the Buick Grand National mentioned above. That had a "tiny" turbo engine and that thing was quick. If fact, out of the factory it was actually faster than the Corvette. Of course GM kept heir lips tightly sealed on that because they can’t have their flagship/iconic performance vehicle be slower than some sedan.