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Ellen has strong links to our cinema as she was the cinema manager before Walter Francisco. She is now a film writer and lecturer – her recent books include “Biopics: A Life in Pictures” and “In the Scene: Jane Campion”. She will discuss three films – ‘Silkwood’, ‘Norma Rae’ and ‘Made in Dagenham’, which show electricity kwh usage calculator women’s courage in campaigning for better conditions in the workplace.

Rosemary is a former teacher and adviser to secondary schools and now is the cinema’s Education Officer. She has taught many courses at the cinema to adult and school audiences. She will look at three films which show women fighting for justice against seemingly impenetrable odds – films like ‘Suffragette’ and ‘Erin Brockovich’, which have outstanding performances of courage and conviction. Another film, ‘Hidden Figures’, portrays a group of black women who prove to be so gifted in Mathematics and Technology that they receive grudging praise , but eventually full recognition for their work from their male bosses .

Written by legendary playwright David Hare, the film is structured like a dance, stepping back and forth in time and national gas average 2007 moving in circles to tell the story of this Russian who was born on a train, and who, through self-confidence, commitment and desire, pushed himself to become the world’s greatest ballet dancer. Fiennes focuses on Nureyev’s relentless ambition, with the fabulous ballet sequences just the prelude to what is a tense Cold War ballet that centres around a thrilling final scene at Paris’ Le Bourget Airport in 1961: the first defection of a Soviet artist during the Cold War period. Ukrainian b games car ballet dancer Oleg Ivenko plays the lead in his very first film role, and a demanding one at that, delivering lines in a mix of Russian and thickly accented English. He does a great job at portraying the fiery ego that Nureyev was famed for, aided by his intense blue eyes and heavy brow. Director Fiennes also steps to the other side of the camera, playing dance instructor Alexander Pushkin, delivering all his lines in Russian. Not for the first time as New Park regulars will recall, he did the same in ‘Two Women’, which he introduced personally at the 2015 wikipedia electricity consumption Chichester Film Festival. (Some subtitles)

We were proud to receive several awards from the Federation of Film Societies, presented by Tony Curtis, Derek Malcolm and Mike Leigh, and are signifying this by screening one of Mike Leigh’s best films ‘Secrets and Lies’ (1996). Mike Leigh also made two personal pass gas in spanish appearances at New Park including introducing a retrospective of his films in 1990. The Cinema’s third name change became the present ‘Chichester Cinema at New Park’. – Roger Gibson.

This hilarious, bittersweet comedy from director Mike Leigh is an unmissable and moving slice of real life. Hortense (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is a young, black optometrist whose adoptive parents have recently died. Cynthia (Brenda Blethyn) is a sad, unmarried mother who works in a factory and lives in a shabby terraced house with her confrontational daughter Roxanne (Claire Rushbrook). Cynthia’s brother Maurice (Timothy Spall) is a successful photographer who lives comfortably in suburbia with his wife Monica (Phyllis Logan). In a misplaced effort to re-unite the family, Maurice and Monica throw a small a gas is a form of matter that barbecue party for Roxanne’s 21st birthday. When Cynthia brings along her new friend Hortense, chaos ensues, and some painful truths are revealed. Probably Mike Leigh’s biggest international success, after winning the grand prize at Cannes.