Children’s place credit card 2018 (tips to get 10% back on every purchase) gas after eating bread


With the Children’s Place card, you will get 30 percent off your first purchase, 25 percent off on your kid’s birthdays for up to four kids, and 20 percent off when you first receive your card in the mail. Make sure to register your kids prior to their birthday or you won’t get the birthday discount.

That works out to a pretty good return of 10 percent back, though the My Place Rewards can only be used at the Children’s Place. The double points perk is valid on all in-store and online purchases, plus you can use it in conjunction with most coupon and promo codes. If You Have Bad Credit

This card also has no annual fee, making it easy to hang on to it long term if you need to build your credit history. Pay your bill off every month and your credit score will improve. Overall, this card might be a good choice for someone looking to improve their credit score. What to Watch Out for With the Children’s Place Card

While all of those perks sound great, there are a number of issues with this card that you need to be aware of before you apply. In short, it has high interest rates, a low credit limit and limited flexibility in terms of spending and discounts. High Interest Rates

If you have a $500 limit, for example, having just $155 on the card will push you past a 30 percent credit utilization ratio. That can be bad, particular if you don’t pay off that balance immediately. Other Limits of the Children’s Place Card

Like most store cards, you can only use this card at the Children’s Place. If you were hoping to build up Children’s Place rewards points by using it at other stores, you don’t want this card. Going with a general cashback or rewards card is a better idea.

Beware—you can’t combine some of the perks with store or site-wide sales. According to the terms and conditions, the 30 percent off the first purchase and the 20 percent coupon you get in your welcome kit cannot be used in conjunction with most other sales or promo codes. If you were hoping to use the card once to score a big win, that’s probably not going to work. Should You Get the Children’s Place Credit Card?

Also, like other cards of this type, unless you frequently shop at the Children’s Place, it will take up space in your wallet without providing much benefit. You can’t use it anywhere else and even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to when there are so many other great rewards cards out there with much better perks, terms and conditions. Let’s take a look at a few of those options. Alternatives to the Children’s Place Card for Good to Excellent Credit

If you have good credit, consider getting a cashback card instead of the Children’s Place card. It will earn very flexible rewards, and you can use it anywhere. While you won’t get quite the same return at the Children’s Place, it’s worth it for the added flexibility and usability.

The Discover it Secured card is great because you’ll be able to build up your credit score (assuming you pay it off on time every month!) and earn rewards. You’ll get 2 percent back at gas stations and restaurants and 1 percent back for everything else. Plus, Discover offers the cashback match on this card, too. Comenity Bank

A quick note on the card issuer. The Children’s Place credit card used to issued by Citibank, but is now offered through Comenity Bank. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Comenity. It doesn’t have a retail arm where you might open a checking account. In fact, it only offers co-branded cards.

Reviews for Comenity follow a similar pattern as other banks—passionate opinions on either side. Overall, though, there’s nothing to be concerned about with Comenity Bank. While they don’t offer super-premium cards like the big issuers (Chase, American Express, Citi, etc.), they do provide reliable products and have solid customer service. How to Make a Children’s Place Credit Card Payment

If you want to pay your Children’s Place credit card bill, it’s easy to do thanks to Comenity Bank’s online payment center. Just login to your credit card account on this website and set up a payment. All of your account information is available online, including your current balance and pending charges. Bottom Line

If you want to see your kids in the newest graphic tees and on-point with the latest toddler trends, you’re probably a big fan of the Children’s Place. If you have kids that wear clothes from the store, the credit card might make sense. It’s hard to do better than the 10 percent return in rewards that comes with the card.

However, you can get lower interest rates, better perks and the ability to use a credit card at just about any store with other cards. The added flexibility of a standard cashback card is really hard to beat. After all, how often do you actually shop at the Children’s Place?