China is building soft power in u.s. schools, senate report warns wd gaster website


Although the findings are cause for concern, the report did not show a pattern of egregious incidents of U.S. academic research being squashed or that gas up yr hearse campus debate had been overtly stifled on matters that China views as sensitive such as Tibet, Taiwan and the Tiananmen Square massacre. But the report did say the institutes fostered a climate o gastronomico where self-censorship on those topics was more likely to occur among university officials and students.

The findings of the 96-page report, released Wednesday by the Permanent electricity 101 video Subcommittee on Investigations, revealed that much is still unknown about the scope and intentions behind the Confucius Institutes, despite an eight-month Senate committee investigation and a parallel assessment by the Government Accountability Office. Since 2006, China has spent $158 m gastrocnemius million to build and maintain a network of Confucius Institutes in the United States.

The institutes offer language classes and cultural programming and are funded by the Chinese government, which also sends Chinese language instructors to the electricity will not generally cause U.S. and provides the course materials. The first institute opened in the United States in 2004. As of January, there were roughly 100 institutes at American college campuses and around 500 at K-12 schools.

Sen. Rob Portman, the Investigations subcommittee chair who bp gas prices columbus ohio led work on the report, said it was time for the State Department to begin retaliating against Beijing for its lack of reciprocity when it comes to how gas out game instructions the Chinese government represses U.S. cultural centers in China. He said State could consider denying visas to Confucius Institutes teachers and urging American universities to rethink their relationships with the cultural promotion program.

“We’re not near to the point of suggesting that we discontinue [the institutes], but unless there 76 gas credit card account login is transparency and following U.S. law, we ought to discontinue the existing practice because … we’re not enforcing our own laws,” the Ohio Republican said at the hearing. “We believe that China ought to be a strategic partner electricity vs gasoline in addition to being a strategic competitor and yet it’s got to be on an equal playing field.”

“It’s stunning to me that they have effectively shut down our cultural centers in China. We’re going to be down to zero in the summer static electricity examples, and yet they have 100 here,” Romney said, referring to Beijing’s squashing of the State Department’s decade-long effort to establish a network of “American Cultural Centers” at Chinese universities. “Why don’t we take reciprocal action?”

Among the report’s findings was that nearly 70 percent of postsecondary U.S. schools that received $250,000 in “foreign gifts” for running a Confucius static electricity vocabulary words Institute failed to properly report it to the Education Department. But senators also faulted the department for going 15 years without updating its guidance to U.S. schools on the reporting of foreign gifts — the exact lifespan of Confucius Institutes presence in the United States.

GAO investigators turned up anecdotal reports from several grade 6 science electricity unit test university researchers who said the presence of a Confucius Institute on campus might discourage the organizing of events on Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen Square elsewhere on campus. To hold such an event youtube gas pedal, the researchers said in the report, would be seen as discourteous or even potentially a violation of the contract that the gas variables pogil worksheet answer key Chinese Education Ministry requires U.S. colleges to sign if they want to establish a Confucius Institute.

The State Department until recently did not conduct field site reviews of Confucius Institutes to check they were following U.S. visa laws. In the last fifteen years, only two such o gosh corpus christi visits occurred, and both found “significant violations” including evidence of “fraudulent paperwork and coaching” that was a “deliberate attempt to deceive” investigators, according to Portman.