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Imagine the urbane, art-filled ambiance of a downtown loft surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature. China Mountain House offers you style, elegance, and calming rejuvenation. Located in Port Orford, Oregon, the property is 60 miles from the California border and surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on the West Coast.

Lose yourself in the view, enjoy the astonishing home theatre system, create a gourmet feast in the well appointed kitchen, explore the surrounding coastline, raft or fish in any number of rivers, or challenge your game by playing one of the world-renowned courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, only 30 minutes to the North.

The beaches along the coast of Oregon are some of the most spectacular found on the entire West Coast. The town of Port Orford is approximately 60 miles (96 km) north of the California border and home to some fantastic scenery, a working fishing port, and world-class golf just 25 miles (40 km) north at Bandon Dunes.

Explore the Southern Coast and find yourself in a wide variety of settings. You can be in the Redwoods of Northern California, on the Rogue River for world-class fishing, hiking the Coast Range Mountains behind the house, or even in sand dunes that follow the coast for nearly 50 miles…

United Airlines (Skywest) serves the Coos Bay/North Bend area which is an hour to the north. Direct flights from Portland, Oregon and San Francisco are available on United. United Airlines also serves Crescent City, California – an hour and a half to the south – and has direct flights to San Francisco.

The house was well equipped with kitchen & bath supplies. The home has amazing views, but a few concerns were, the movie selection was very unorganized, very scattered and messy, numerous copies of the same moviesn. The bookshelves in master bedroom could be better organized as well, books just thrown and stacked up without any organization. Felt like I was in a friends home not a vacation property.

Bathroom: There was not enough hot water to fill the tub, which was a real let down, and no jacuzzi either, just a regular tub. I tried to fill it even half way, no luck. The shower had the same problem, not enough water pressure or hot water for the shower, very disappointed with that. TV projector does not line up properly with the screen and it’s an impossibility to try and fix it, due to the location of the projector itself. We ended using my laptop to watch movies.

There are no screens anywhere on the house, which I was informed was left out of the design not to obstruct the views. This was a real let down because when we tried to open windows and let the beeezes in, numerous bees & flys and other winged objects would swarm inside the home. Since my partner is allergic to bees, we had to keep all the windows closed during most of the day while bees were out. Perhaps there’s an architectual design that would allow retracting screens?

The faucets are built into the wall in the upstairs bath: the one on the left leaks when on, and the other faucet has some sort of red colored stuff that comes out and tastes REALLY bad. We didn’t use it after discovering that. There is a broken window in this room as well. When the lady met us at the home to check in she told us it gets very hot in this room and to open the windows. It did get warm, but again not having screens we could not open the windows even if we wanted too, trust me we tried, it’s impossible, the amount of bees that came in within minutes was too much.

As far as the movie selection and books on the shelf, our housekeeping team does it’s best to make these areas tidy but they do not have the time to reorganize or try to find the correct pocket in the books of DVDs when they are left out by the previous renter. One of our projects that we do each year after our high season is to find all of the loose CDs, DVDs, and books that have been used by our renters and put them in order. We have over 300 movies in our library and I can think of 4 that we have duplicates for as we replaced the movie and then found the DVD later in a different part of the house!

In the bathroom, we have been experiencing performance issues with the water heater where it will be working fine and then some days it works at a lower capacity. We are currently upgrading this system. The issue with the leaking faucet has already been repaired and we are unable to duplicate the issue with the other faucet having colored water coming out of it. The house has been rented 4 times since this stay and none of the renters experienced it. There is no broken window so I’m not sure what was meant. As to the lack of a jacuzzi, our preference is not to have jetted tubs indoors as we find the noise to be too disruptive. That’s just us!

There is a light fixture outside of the house that lights the entryway and the portion of the driveway where the car is parked. The light fixture is very minimal and you see most of the light bulbs – they had burned out and have been replaced. Both the light bulb issue and the positioning of the projector could have been easily remedied by a call to our property management company. As far as wild life howling at night, that has not been our experience(!) though we do have the occasional deer that finds its way to the property…

We have left the screens off of the sliding doors and windows so that nothing impedes the views from the house. We do get quite a bit of passive solar heating with our walls of glass but if you are not able to open the windows because of an allergy – or do not wish to – the house has central air conditioning to regulate the temperature.