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Consumers have criticized Choice Home Warranty as being deceptive and taking advantage of loopholes in contracts. This is not underheard of in the home warranties industry, but the state of New Jersey even fined Choice Home Warranty $800,000 for deceptive advertising practices. Therefore, it’s best that you read the fine print of your contract before signing up.

Choice Home Warranty does not cover damage from pre-existing conditions. gas variables pogil key So if you are looking for Choice Home Warranty to fix a lot that’s currently wrong with your home before you enter under their coverage, think again. The Choice Home Warranty appliance replacement protocol also receives a lot of flak. They sometimes offer cash in lieu of a repair if they feel an item cannot be easily replaced, but that doesn’t mean the cash will be a completely fair reimbursement.

Customer service is available throughout the day, and you can submit a service request at any time. Keep in mind that this only means Choice Home Warranty will receive your request, not that your problem will be fixed, as many contractors work a regular 9 to 5 schedule and will not be available at odd hours of the day or on weekends. The Choice Home Warranty phone number for the Service Department is (888) 373-7924. When you file a claim, your assigned team of representatives will give you an estimated completion date.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — I bought a 5yr plan with a 6th yr. included 7.03.15. I paid $2375 upfront. It is now 11.27.18. I have made 4 claims over this time period. The pool pump, it was denied because the part (it was leaking- needs to be replaced) wasn’t covered. My hot water tank, I rec’d this message "It has been determined that the cause of failure is a leaking water heater tank in need of replacement. Please refer to your terms and conditions section D number 6 “Excluded”; CHW is not responsible for main, holding or storage tanks." That pretty much is what a hot water TANK is! My washing machine, died also not covered.

The latest my refrigerator a mechanism in the door broke, this was their response – "It has been determined that the water dispenser is not working properly, and the door needs to be replaced in order to correct this failure. Please refer to your terms and conditions section D number 3 “Excluded”; CHW is not responsible for doors, door seals, handles, gaskets and hinges."

I called tonight to cancel the rest of my contract because I am paying more than what has been covered. I was told I had a prorated amount and that the refund would be adjusted accordingly. I understand that, then any claims paid would also be deducted. That I don’t understand. gas vs electric stove cost Meaning I was covered but they will also deduct any claim they have paid while processing my refund at the current higher rate! I told her I don’t understand the logic in that! She said it is part of the policy, look at section L article 4.

Just to let you know how hard it really is to study and read this, which I did try to do, even highlighted, made notes, and called on items before I signed, section F Limitations has 19, section D coverage and excluded has 16! I know there were a lot of negative reviews, but I truly thought this was a good deal and American Home Shield which I had before always turns down first then you fight for your rights and they usually paid but it was getting so expensive. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way. 🙁

GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA — Was contacted in Spring 2018 by high pressure sales guy. I finally signed up (stupidly). Then read tons of awful reviews. Immediately sent an email to salesman’s direct email to cancel (no ability to reach anyone by phone). Thought it would be cancelled, but fine print contract says, "Cancellations must be in writing within 30 days (USPS) – with $50 ‘administrative fee’." That’s $10 more than 1st month’s fee! Assumed (stupidly) that it would be cancelled, but discovered 4 months later, I was still being charged $40 per month. No way to reach "Cancellation Dept." by phone. First attempts, was on hold for over an hour each. Then tried several attempts with their "Why wait on phone? We’ll hold your place in line & call you back" option. No callbacks ever came – even days later.

Called credit card & put a block on further charges. Then received letter from Choice saying even though I had blocked charges, they would continue to accrue. Bullying. This is scary: Went on their site to write a bad review. In the middle of writing, a call came in from Choice! They were monitoring while I wrote! Wanted to know why I wanted to cancel. I said, "Because there are thousands of horrible online reviews!" Woman told me there were 250 bad reviews out of 2.5 million customers. That’s on the "Choice site." Independent review sites have 1,000s! She cancelled my contract, but all $40 fees not refunded. $120-$160. Read all review sites on this sham New Jersey-based company. Absolute horror stories. Stay away from these crooks!

CONNECTICUT — My microwave was not warming food when it was turned on. It was built into the cabinet tightly so there was no way for me to take it out because I am not really a handy person. I bought my house in Dec 2017 and everything was working out fine. I took the warranty just out of the abundance of caution. electricity in the body symptoms They told me that I should get a technician of my choice to look at it and they will reimburse me. I got a technician that came to my house and inspected the microwave. He told me some switches were broken just by inspecting it and I placed him on the phone with CHOICE Home Warranty.

After getting the information from the technician, they told me I will hear from them in the mail. Most technicians don’t like dealing with CHOICE so he made me aware that I will have to pay out of my pocket and get reimbursed by CHOICE. The guy charged me $127 for less than 5 minutes in my home. Later I got an email from CHOICE that they are not going to my microwave because it is not mounted on top of the oven. electricity 2pm lyrics So I am stuck with a broken microwave, paid $127 out and a lot of back and forth with Choice. At the end of it, I think it is not worth it. Stay away from this company. THEY ARE A FRAUD.

8/18/18 Fan motor on our A/C unit stopped working. Called Choice Monday morning to report and file claim. By Wednesday, they were unable to acquire a technician within a proper time frame, and so if we wished, we could do the Claim Reimbursement Process and find our own technician. So I called one, and the tech was out that evening to diagnose. He took my claim number and phone information to call in for authorization on Thursday so he could get the parts. Got the parts late on Friday, and came out on Saturday to do the repair.

Today is Wednesday, 8/29, and I again called Choice to start reimbursement. Again… nothing in notes that service tech had called to gain authorization for the repair. There was nothing in the notes, in fact, except that I had called Monday 8/27. I, clearly frustrated, told "Alex" at Choice that I was very unhappy with the way they were handling our claim, and that I felt that whoever had taken the service tech’s calls had not bothered to enter into the notes so that they wouldn’t have to cover the claim.

I also said that I was going to call BBB – well, after reading some of these reviews, I see they’re not with the BBB, so that option is out. I’ve asked the service tech to provide me with the dates and times of his calls to Choice so I have that to provide to Choice, but will be canceling the warranty. I also see from prior reviews that I probably won’t get all our premium money back as this company is nothing but a scam, making you think you have peace of mind when something goes wrong with your appliances, etc., when in reality, all they do is take your money and run. If I could give this company a -10000 rating, I certainly would.

Choice denied my claim to fix my HVAC unit. Damper for downstairs zone is not opening and needs a new circuit board. They sent a tech out to my house who informed me what the problem was, told me that it would cost $3600 to fix, took $45 service fee even though services were not performed, told me that Choice would likely deny because they "never pay for expensive repairs even though it states that parts are covered" and then told me Choice would be calling me with a claim decision shortly and left.

Choice never called me. I did find an email stating that they are denying my claim because the duct work in my system had been "modified and they do not cover modification". I have lived in this house since it was built in 2018, NOTHING in this house has ever been modified. gas welder salary I called them, and they told me that a claim counselor would be in contact with me within 5 days.

It’s August in Texas with temps over 100. Since my experience I have read countless reviews of similar things happening to their customers. Choice defrauds their customers by collecting a monthly payment or bulk year payment for a warranty that they never intend to repair anything. It is false advertising, fraud and theft. I hope and pray that something is done to this company for what they are doing to their customers. Don’t sign up for this "warranty". They never intend to fix anything!