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I am so frustrated. I apologize that this will be so long. I have always had a sinus infection 2 to 3 times a year. About 4 years ago I had a doozie that took about 3 months of augmentin to get over. Ever since then i’ve had either a sore throat, or ear pain, or congestion, or bronchitis, sore neck glands…Something all the time. I have been under an ent’s care for 2 years. Allergy shots helped somewhat for about a year, plus steriod nasal sprays, zyrtec, etc. But since november i’m back to constant sore throat, bloody discharge from the back of the nose, infection at top of mouth where nasal drains, sore tongue, very sore neck glands. I feel like poop all the time. I’ve had the scope down my nose/throat..Founda growth which turned out to be errant tonsil tissue on tongue…(dont have tonsils since 6 years old). I’ve had a sinus ct. I’ve had 4 biopsies on various tongue sore spots. I take zyrtec, shots, sprays….Have had a constant need to clear my throat for 2 years. I dont know what else to do. I’ve done augmentin, celophin (?), prednisone several times, penecillan. They are going to do another scope next month. I’m fearful I have some kind of cancer…Can anybody relate to these severe symptoms?/

Hi there, yes I can relate to your symptoms. I too have had the constant sore throat for about a year now, along with a constant congestion, bleeding nose, cough and sinus infections. I too feel like I am gonna die! My glands in my neck swelled way up and hurt very bad, then a week later, while on my 5th course of antibiotic, all my lymph nodes in my body swelled up. My doc ran a bunch of tests and it came back as a staph infection of the throat and airways that was resistant to antibiotic. Doc put me on sulfatrimethoprim for 10 days and it stated to work, but slowly. I have been off the med now for 2 weeks and I am just now starting to feel better. Doc said I got it in my lungs and upper airways and that is why I am so sick. I have been very ill since march 20 with this recent bout, but thank god the sulfatrimethoprim worked cause I was about ready to jump off a bridge cause of the pain. I still feel real tired and my throat is still a little irritated around my left tonsil, but noting like before. You may want to have a throat culture done to check for staph. I had my blood cultured for it too.Normal antibiotics will not kill it. Nor will the allergy meds. I know cause that is what my doc tried on me too. Best of wishes, I know what you are feeling.Try some sulfamethoprim. Ask your doc for a prescription.

Sorry this is gonne be a little lengthy. I too have some of the same symptoms. About two years ago I must have gotten a bad ear infection. Although it didn’t cause too much pain, it would feel like my ears were closing up and my hearing got muffled. This went off and on for a while and I was getting swollen glands a little. At the end of Feb. of this year, I got a HORRENDOUS earache that kept me up all night. Since then I’ve gotten this weird feeling in my ear (not so much as a pain, but like something just isn’t right). It kind of feels clogged (especially when I first get up in the morning). I started getting this witchy feeling in the muscle of my neck, when I swallow I feel like a tiny pop or crackle in my ear, the tissue or muscle in my neck seems to be inflamed, my gland; or at least I think it’s my gland; is swollen, and I feel a little dizzy. It feels like there’spressure built up in my e/n/t system. All of this happening on the left side of my neck/head. And also 9 times out of ten my nose is stuffed on the left side. Again I apologize for this being so long, but I just want help to ge it fixed.