City index reviews electricity and magnetism review game


Yes I concur with those who recognize that this broker is a scam. I was with GFT for about 4 years before they were bought out by Gain Capital, who then closed GFT and moved all their clients over to City Index. I was genuinely keen to give them a fair chance to keep up the good name of GFT. But I was scammed by exactly the same technique too-suddenly you get platform freeze (I was using their proprietary, stand-alone software platform not the web-based) or something similar when you try to close out a position. I was losing on the day, down about 30 points or something trading the Dow Jones CFD, and then took a quick trade which kited up 70 points: great, take some profits! But not so with City. The platform just didn’t work. Just refused to execute the order and close out the position. I didn’t put any real money on after that, cut back my positions and was wary. I have never seen anything like that before in 10 years of trading. I think about two or maybe three more times over the next week or two I got the same kind of unresponsive platform problem at times that were always beneficial for them. Never had any trouble closing out a losing position. Of course I just stopped trading with them and opened an account with another broker. I cannot see how they can stay in business like this. I think they are genuine scammers. What a pity! GFT was an excellent broker with a great, stable, but unsophisticated program. That’s okay because I don’t use sophisticated technical indicators anyway. I cannot believe that the mistakes that I witnessed in the 2 weeks I traded with City can be put down to genuine technical errors. It must be planned. Stay away from them.

Am new to City Index, not by choice. I have been with GFT for the last five years. I have always done routine withdrawals via bank wire without hitch with GFT. 1-2 days my money would be back on my account. GFT had a very user friendly withdraw form. The withdraw process with City Index is vague and their actions over the last two weeks have been confusing and apparently dishonest. First they asked me for a statement, which I promptly furnished. But I thought I already had one on record with GFT which should have been just a call away. If GFT could return money in 1-2 days, why can’t City Index? I put in my request on 31st August. I furnished them with all the details and they even withdrew the requested funds from my trading account but up to now I have not received it. I have tried to complain and ask for explanations. First they told me my bank returned the funds. I have crosschecked with my bank and found this is not true. then they said they’ve sent the money again. I am still waiting! Are they being really honest? How I miss the GFT withdraw process. Unfortunately GFT removed their contact information from their website and replaced it with the one of city index who take 2 days to respond to emails. It is hard to get any useful information from live chat. It’s all bureaucratic jargon. I am giving City Index a benefit of doubt, may be they are still overwhelmed by the new clients from GFT. But surely they should be able to communicate better than they are doing. The last two weeks have been a nightmare. I have now entered a third week waiting for my funds. Hello, City Index are you there?