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The water department has two separate operations; one being water production and the other water distribution which are managed by Aaron Ambler, Water Superintendent. Water production operators at the plant are responsible for keeping daily records of plant operations, monthly inventory of chemicals, maintaining proper chemical feed rates, water quality testing, and building equipment, pump, generator and lawn maintenance. The water production operation consists of 1 full time operator and two distribution employees crosstrained to work in both areas. The Water Distribution Department is responsible for maintenance of the distribution system infrastructure which includes approximately 55 miles of water main, approximately 2,800 water services, 488 fire hydrants, numerous valves and two elevated water storage tanks. Other responsibilities include installation of water mains, services, valves, fire hydrants, and water meters, meter testing, water sampling, and responding to customer complaints. The water distribution operation consists of 3 full time employees. It is the goal of the water department to remain in compliance with regulations set forth by MDNRE. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality water possible, to provide adequate fire protection and to provide a reliable and safe water service to the citizens of Marshall. To accomplish our goal it is necessary to continue to make improvements to and maintain the water treatment plant, wells, pumps, pump houses, equipment and the water distribution system. We must also strive to maintain the integrity of the water system through increased security and continue to work toward reducing the cost of providing service to the citizens of Marshall by operating in the most efficient way possible.

The City of Marshall Fire Department operates with a Director of Public Safety, seven (7) career and 11 paid on-call firefighters. The department’s structure consists of the Director of Public Safety, (3) Captains, (4) Fire Lieutenants, one (1) Sergeant, (11) firefighters, and (6) auxiliary firefighters. The Director is a certified firefighter and handles all administrative operations. The Captains oversee operations on a daily basis.

Throughout the year, firefighters are involved in various fire prevention activities which include the following: industrial and commercial fire inspections, fire safety programs for school children and our city resident smoke detector program which includes free detectors and batteries. Firefighters conduct tours of the department for school children and other groups who are learning about fire prevention and firefighting.

The Fire Department continues to improve operations. The City of Marshall has constructed a new facility in 2015. This station houses a medical squad, an engine, a rescue pumper and the department’s original 1918 LaFrance fire truck. The Marshall Fire Department is very active in training within the organization to insure that all personnel are trained to handle emergency situations and improve firefighting skills. Firefighter training is conducted twice a month. The Fire Department‘s mission is to provide the most efficient and progressive fire service possible, making Marshall a safe community to live in, work in and visit. Fire Department personnel are committed to doing all that is possible to save lives and property through Fire prevention, education and training.

The Marshall Police Department is responsible for the protection, safety, and well-being of all citizens and visitors within the City of Marshall. The department consists of the Director of Public Safety, the Deputy Chief of Police, Lieutenant, (3) Sergeants (9) Sworn Police Officers, (1) Civilian Staff Members, and (3) School Crossing Guards.

The Marshall Police Department responded to approximately 7000 calls for service this past year. These calls consisted of anything from a noise complaint to a robbery complaint. This number does not include traffic stops, which are a daily operation of the patrol officer. Our community is one that communicates well with its Police Department and expresses its needs and concerns openly. The Marshall Police Department has a close working relationship with its citizens and as a result, has developed a collaborative to solve crimes and/or problems.

Striving to provide excellent service with emphasis on professionalism and respect, the Marshall Police Department is continually working to be efficient while simultaneously maintaining effectiveness. The Department is responsive to the needs and trends of today’s society.

The City of Marshall is fortunate to have 7 designated park properties and a number of open spaces encompassing approximately 233 acres available to the public to enjoy. The Department of Public Works is the department assigned the task of maintaining these properties and their amenities which include restrooms, playground equipment, ball fields, picnic tables, picnic pavilions and a community band amphitheater.

Brooks Memorial Fountain Park, is located in the center of town. The fountain was built in 1930 by Harold Brooks and modeled after the Temple of Love in Versailles, France. Brooks Memorial Fountain often serves as a backdrop for weddings and features colored lights that illuminate the fountain at night. The park features several benches and is a relaxing spot on sunny days.

Brooks Nature Area, with over 180 acres, offers opportunity to explore wetlands, remnant hardwood forest, restored native prarie, and lake shore areas. This park includes two miles of trails, 88 acres of prarie, 300+ year old trees, wildlife viewing, and lake overlooks. A variety of bird species can be observed in the nature area. Trails are ideal for hiking, biking, or sking.