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I test drove a 2018 Civic Si last week. It was nice. The new cars are all so smooth and quiet now. You barely hear the engine, even when you’re standing in front of it. When I opened the hood, it only made a ticking sound, like a teletype machine or something. It was bizarre. gas news australia I was keenly aware of all the rattles and squeaks in my 3g afterward. All the Civics and Accords I looked at on the lot were 1.5L with turbos. The Si puts out 200hp and gets 38 MPG. Damn.

It stuck real well around the cloverleaf on-ramp and had plenty of gitup. gas in babies at night It wasn’t anything I would throw around in traffic (which is what I love so much about my 3g), but it was a solid performer. I didn’t notice any turbo lag, but I haven’t driven many turbos. It had an annoying habit of holding the revs too high for too long after I’d released the gas pedal, so there was a chronic rev mismatch when I shifted quickly. Very annoying. You could baby the engine and it felt fairly sluggish, but if you stepped the pedal harder, it opened up and made nice power. Like all Hondas, they’re fairly sedate until you find that spot where they open up and pull hard. It’s nice to know that some things don’t change.

I know I talk a lot of trash about new cars, but there are some things I REALLY like about them: 38 MPG, direct injection, i-VTEC, balance shafts, timing chains, how they’re so quiet, and so on. This car had all that. la gasolina cancion But it had all the stuff I really hate too. For instance, it’s ugly. Godawful ugly. electricity magnetism Like something Optimus Prime threw up. It has an annoying satnav screen which had eaten a number of buttons that should be on the dash, like the fan speed controller. The salesman had to turn it off for me. They get all upset that people crash while fumbling with their phones. What about the people who crash fumbling with these stupid satnavs? There used to be something called human factors engineering that insisted things should be easy to use and accommodate themselves to how humans work. Why are we always being forced to accommodate the machines now? It’s a conspiracy. We can’t have flying cars and robot nannies, but we can have ugly cars full of irritating distractions. It had heated seats (something useless and sure to break), air bags (explosives aimed at my face), backup camera (just make the windows bigger please), etc. electricity word search answer key This is a Civic for God’s sake. Backup cameras are for octogenarian blue-hairs fresh out of neck surgery, driving cars much bigger than they should.

The two things that struck me the most were paradoxical. This is at the same time both a very BIG car, and a very SMALL car. Parked next to it, it dwarfs my 3g. It’s giant. Yet when I get inside, the doors are uncomfortably close. The console comes halfway up my upper arm and there is a very narrow tunnel for me to thread my legs into. electricity and magnetism ppt I had to cock my arm at a funny angle to reach the shifter and my elbow almost hit the seatback when I changed gears. Why don’t they just leave all the electronic crap out and give me some room? It was like being in a coffin. God help me if I’m in the wrong spot when the airbags explode. I’ll be finished for sure. If I’m in a wreck, there’s nowhere to go but to get squished and I’m super skinny.

I have zero interest in owning something like it. gas 69 I just wanted to try out the trans to see if 5th is really as difficult to shift into as I’d thought. It isn’t. Sixth is kinda hard to find, but no more so than 5th is in my car. The dealership wouldn’t let me drive a Type R without promising them a kidney, so I drove the next best thing. Time is on my side. In a couple years, they’ll beg me to drive one.