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More than a week into it I am feeling pretty good. I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I’d hoped thanks to a busy schedule, really cold weather and some sort of respiratory virus that is hanging around, but even with that, I still am feeling more energetic than usual. The weather is supposed to finally get warm (and stay warm all week) so I am looking forward to getting outside more.

Today I wanted to share some food ideas with you all. I think the hardest part of any elimination diet is all the things you can’t eat, so today I wanted to share with you some things you can. I can tell you that even the first day I switched to this plan, it felt like my body was SO grateful. This is coming from one of the biggest carb lovers out there (back in the day), but the beautiful part of eating this way is you primarily ingest nutritionally dense vegetables, fruits, and grass-fed meats, how can you feel bad?

So here are my go-to meal ideas, I mentioned many of these in the first post, and most of these are just quick snaps with my phone, so not the best pictures or beautifully plated. They are just real life food 🙂 As I am not doing any one of these eating plans religiously (like AIP which restricts eggs, tomatoes, peppers and nuts in the beginning) I try to indicate if you should opt to not eat something per a plan. PALEO/AIP/WHOLE 30 MEAL IDEAS

Butternut Squash with Cinnamon and Coconut (Above. Slice squash carefully, roast the butternut squash at 350 for 45 minutes face down in a roasting pan coated with olive oil, store in an airtight container and scoop out what you need each AM. Add sprinkle cinnamon (great for lowering inflammation) and organic flaked coconut. Sounds strange but it’s similar to oatmeal and is really a great breakfast!)

Paleo Sausages (You might find the Applegate brand or others to be Whole 30 approved to save time, but I make my own. I mix organic ground pork with organic ground turkey, add a clove or two of chopped garlic, a 1/4t of ground mustard, 1/4 c finely chopped onions and plenty of sea salt and pepper. Press into patties and fry in coconut oil till cooked through. I drain them on paper towels and store a few days worth in an airtight container, freezing the rest to use as needed.)

I order quite a bit of food online, as Amazon has very good prices on many of these products. You can also order almost all of them through Thrive Market, which is another great resource for all natural foods. If you aren’t close to a grocery store that has a large organic/natural department (or like the convenience of having the food delivered, what a huge timesaver that is) you can join Thrive Market. Right now they offer you $20 of 3 orders so that is a nice savings. While they have very reasonable prices and a great selection (including things like coconut wraps which are so hard to find!), be aware that they do charge a membership fee in the way Costco does.

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