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With the White House stepping out of the climate fight, California has stepped up in a big way, leading a coalition of 16 states and the District of Columbia suing to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from weakening fuel efficiency standards, as just one example of many (and more below).

The governor has been a strong advocate for clean energy solutions and is pushing a plan for California to be powered 100 percent by renewables by 2045. “It’s “exciting, it is bold and it is absolutely necessary,” the governor said of taking carbon out of the economy during his 2015 inaugural address.

Recently the companies have kicked it up a notch. Both Apple and Google now purchase enough renewable energy to power their entire operations for the entire year. (And in the process, they’re inspiring other companies across the country to do the same – the American corporate sector is on track to develop nearly 2.8 gigawatts of clean power.)

This clean energy revolution means California is relying less and less on fossil fuels. According to the California Energy Commission, the contribution of coal to the state’s overall energy mix has dramatically decreased in the past few years, declining over 91 percent between 2001-2016. Nuclear plants are also nearing their end in California, though the state still has to rid itself of natural gas.

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The Golden State’s green power revolution is even ahead of schedule. Due in part to a massive construction boom in the solar- and wind-energy sectors, the state is already acquiring over one quarter of its energy from renewables, and could reach 50 percent by 2020.

The sun shines bright in California, and so does solar energy. The western state is currently the national leader in solar power generation and capacity, and has recently set a new national record by supplying a peak of 49.95 percent of electricity demand with solar power

The wind has been blowing in the right direction in California for many decades. In the mid-1980s, the state had more than 90 percent of the globe’s total wind power capacity. Although other states and countries have since taken the lead, California was still number four in wind capacity in the US.

California knows a lot about the consequences of fossil fuels, from the smog choking its cities to the wildfires swallowing huge swathes of forests and homes in recent years. But California’s also shown that states can act decisively to cut carbon pollution in a big, big way. The state’s embraced renewables and set ambitious targets to reach 50 percent renewable energy as soon as 2030. Even better, thanks to a boom in solar and wind construction may get there much sooner.

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