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I was sitting on my couch at home, watching TV, and I had a sudden sneezing attack. Extremely congested, I decided to go get a Zyrtec-D out of the cabinet. I rubbed my eyes a little, but no more than usual, and my left eye started to feel weird, not painful, but definitely uncomfortable. I got up and looked in the mirror and found probably a teaspoon worth of clear liquid under the top clear layer of my eye. I have had this once before and it went away, so I decided it would be fine. But the bubble of liquid just got larger and larger. I took my contact lenses out and ten minutes later, I was unable to close my eye (bubble got in the way), and it almost started to look like the bubble of liquid may start to hang over my bottom eyelid — it was just getting more and more full of liquid.

I frantically called my grandma (who somehow knows how to fix EVERYTHING) and she instructed that I put a cold washcloth on it. Extremely uncomfortable. She ended up coming over and laid me down with my head in her lap. We ended up putting a warm, moist washcloth over my eye (no pressure, just laying it over the eye) and the steam and warmth felt really nice. Then, it felt painful — almost like an eyelash was poking my eye. So she got her store brand eyedrops out of her pocket and started flushing my eye out with them. Within half an hour, the size of the bubble went down about 75%.

Overall, my advice: Don’t freak out, don’t poke or rub your eye bubble. If you have contacts in, take them out. Get a wash cloth, wet it, wring it out really tight, and microwave it for 30 seconds. Lay down and rest the wash cloth on your eye — don’t push it onto your eye or move it around, just set it there and let the warm steam make your eye feel better. Take an allergy pill (Zyrtec-D is my favorite — has decongestant in it), and flush your eye out with drops.

I don’t know if my response will help anyone at this point (maybe if someone is doing a search on the topic)… But anyway, I’ve had this problem repeatedly throughout my life. I have severe allergies, and it’s more likely to happen when I rub my eyes when irritated. For me, I’ve found what works the best is to use eye drops (I use patanol, a rather expensive prescription drug that my doctor prescribed for this…lately I’ve found that the new OTC zyrtec eyedrops work just as well. Other OTC eye drops do help to an extent.), then I always fold a few cubes of ice in a damp wash cloth and lay it over the effected eye. Personally, I like this better than the warm washcloth Shayna mentioned, because my eye is usually aching and/or itching really bad and this is relieving to me. If I don’t touch my eye, the bubble goes away usually within an hour. The redness, on the other hand, usually takes longer to go away with Patonal/Zyrtec drops, and if this is bothersome, use any OTC eye drops which are supposed clear redness. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but if stuck, it’s worth a shot.

What we have been told is that an eye drop, one for allergies such as Zaditor, will due the trick. As long as the blister does not go across the pupil of the eye, you are in little to no danger. Once you have drops, you need to leave it alone. It will more then kikley rupture and deflate on it’s own, dont worry, it is one of the ways the "bubble" can deflate. (Second, would be it does not rupture and it goes down on it’s own) You do not want to apply presure to it and risk having it rupture and tear artificially. In the morning you will have the membrain in your eye, just getnly sweep it out with a soft moist cloth.

Benaldryl works along with the eye drops. I’d follow up with an eye specialist, not a general eye Dr., you want someone who performs eye surgery and have the equipment in the office to look at your eye throughly. They place a small dye in my daughters eye and then looked at it to make sure the damage was on deep into the layers of the membrain on her eye. It was not. owever we were told that should it go across the pupil and her vision become moderatly to higly blurred to call him back ASAP, and we could come into the office ANY time…or he would meet us at the ER.