Cleric tank build grade 9 electricity unit


The goal of the build was a VERY tank-y Protection domain cleric who can survive in mid or even high level reaper. It relies upon standing still, blocking (I have a button on my mouse to start blocking and one to stop), and casting as needed. The blocking is critcal for MRR (from the Ravenlloft mirror shield) and shield deflection. It also has mobile spellcasting for healing while kite tanking or rezzing on the run in case a pull goes badly. It does not use Aura or Mass Heal because in higher reapers response time on heals is critical and because T5 Pally is better IMO. It COULD go T5 RS, but I think it is better the other way.

I included intim in the skills. You could go heavier on intim if you PosSP or UMD is good enough. I have tested on the new content in can easily intimitank tank anything up to R3. But the tanking is not the focus, it is a nice benefit. The important part is being able to party/raid heal while still taking a hit(or avoid taking a hit). You have the capability of healing from a distance if needed, but you can run up into the scrum for bursts or light in the dark if you need to as well. It shines in messy pulls or double pulls in reaper. Light in the dark is my go to self heal. It hits for 6-8k and even on R5 it fills my health bar. In R5-R6 It even sort of works on R10, healing for roughly 500.

Looking at your setup, you have a solid defensive cleric build. I actually had a very similar build before I came up with this one. The reason I created mine was that I wanted something to be even more tank-y while still being able to handle raid and party healing. I sacrificed all dps to do so, but the return is very much worth it to me.

2) The Wiz level gives you 10% AC. Let’s assume you are at 30 AC without it. My build will make up 7 of that 30 AC with the T5 reinforced defense. So the bonus is actually only 23 AC. You of course get Aura and could pick up cure focus as well both have value.

3) I look into the Asimar option as well, but unless you have a ton of racial past lives, the opportunity cost seems kind of high. You are giving up a lot of Enh points in Sacred Defender (or in RS) and not even getting the +10% HP T5 (call it 150-200 HP at 30 with good gear). You are also dropping a feat and in return getting divine purpose which is really nice. But it also means you give up some turns. It has been my experience that I rarely run out of bursts, so maybe that trade is worth it.

4) Your build has really really good HoT options. Aura + conc + Renewel is pretty freakin sweet. again I had a similar build and it felt like I was wasting most of that power in mid to high reaper and also in raids where people were spread out. It could keep someone topped off well enough, but I seemed to not use them as much and relied on CSW, CMW, Heal, burst, and light the dark for rapid heals to fill up health bars. I think your build would be far superior to mine in EE/R1-3, assuming your party had enough HP to allow the HoTs to do their job. In R4+ though I think my build would be better suited.

5) What is the PRR/MRR on your build? Im curious how much mitigation you are giving up to get the extra healing power. I built this as a test to see how much I could maximize survivability (and be able to tank when in EE/R1), but if you are hitting numbers in PRR/MRR that are close to mine the cost might not be worth it.

6) You took combat expertise/imp combat expertise. That gives you 10% AC and 20PRR, but 3x cooldown on spells seems prohibative. Do you not find that to be the case? Am I missing something on those limits?I get that you rely more on SLA’s/bursts/aura, but that seems like a pretty big hit. On the other hand, if you are not casting often maybe the time is not a big deal. Im curious about your experience.

Let me be clear, I really like your build. When I saw it (which was right before I posted mine) I had to look up some of the choices you made because I was unaware of them. Any ideas/questions/commentary above are primarily around playstyle and content differences. I have only done up to R6, so my build, while designed for high reaper, has not been tested against the highest levels of content.

With the gear I have, the lack of Emp/Max has not really turned out to be an issue. My bursts will heal for 600-1500 depending on healing amp which is fine for topping users off. The high SP with the silverthread belt makes up for not having the feats IMO. Once I get the trinket from strahd (which will bump my SP by about 80), it will be even less of an issue.

Let me explain my thought process on reaper healing though. R1-R7 or R8 is absolutely healer freindly, depending on how good your party is….the lower the RXP and gear of your group, the lower reaper it has value. Also, reaper tend to be very very spiky damage. That is why I dont use aura, mass heal, or Renewal. The spellpoints/chanel divinity is better used for more immediate heals (mass heal takes way too long to cast).

Aura and Renewal are nice to have’s, and certainly an option if you want to be a pure healer. But my goal with this build was to be as survivable as possible while having JUST enough healing to keep everyone alive. It is impossible to heal if you are dead, and having a huge pool of SP you never use or bursts that overheal people when you could otherwise use the AP/Feats for being more survivable seems counter productive. Things like mobile spellcasting have a bad rap, but being able to move, cast, and defend when we have a double pull or a bad pull in R6 has been quite beneficial. (certainly this is a playstyle issue, you could swap those two feats for Max/Emp. There is a strong case for it. Just not my game.

Have I had party wipes. A few, but not nearly as many as you might think. Part of that of course is the players I play with. But a fair part of it is my ability to heal, offtank, rez, and even main tank and self heal simultaneous when the **** hits the fan. And lets face it, the **** hits the fan sometimes. Even in the best groups.