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Pressing the button on the Campaign Map will take the Trainer to the submarine and will bring up a window that shows the currently-available Dragon and the option to view its Codex entry, the rounded time left until the Dungeon resets, (if specified) the base Elements of the m gastrocnemius medialis opposing Dragons, and the button used to enter the Dungeon. Once inside it, the exact amount of time (only the longest two units of time) left until the Dungeon resets is shown at the top of the screen, the current gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of amount of Dungeon Tokens the Trainer has is shown in the top-left corner and the button underneath it for purchasing the Dungeon Token Multiplier, the currently-available Dragon in the bottom-left corner and a small button in its left used for viewing its Codex entry, a big option in the top-right corner used for viewing general information about the Clockwork Dungeon, the button in the bottom-left corner used for accessing the Dungeon Shop, and the six quests and their numbers spread across the Dungeon.

There are six Dungeon Quests that are available to complete per day, each rewarding a number of Dungeon Tokens, each representing a different area of the Dungeon. The higher the quest, the more Dungeon Tokens received. Quests will have one of three different colours depending j gastroenterol impact factor on their availability. The quest that can be currently battled is colored in yellow , quests that can not yet be battled are colored in gray , and quests that have been defeated are colored in red . All quests, regardless of color, have a white grade 6 electricity unit test skull on them.

Once a Dragon’s stamina has been reduced to zero, it can no longer participate in Dungeon Quests for the rest of the day. Trainers can use Gems to restore a Dragon’s stamina. Each stamina requires 13 Gems to refresh, and can only be restored to maximum, after a Dragon has run out of stamina, for a total of 39 Gems by pressing the button. Stamina can also be restored if the Trainer is given a video to watch. There is a pre-set number of how many times videos are offered on a day, which can vary, thus the Trainer might not gas in oil tank even receive the option to restore the Dragon’s stamina via watching videos. If videos are available to watch, the button will be shown under the snapshot of the Trainer’s Dragons in the pre-battle screen of the next quest only if there is at least one Dragon that has under three stamina. Pressing it and watching the video will restore the stamina of all Dragons (even those who still have one or two stamina left) by one.

Once entered, Trainers commence in a wave battle. During a wave battle, Trainers must defeat two sets of three different Dragons. Once the entire first wave of Dragons is defeated a second wave appears. The Dungeon Quest is only won after defeating the second wave. The power and electricity facts history levels of the opposing Dragons are based on the mean average of the top six Dragons of the Trainer.

The levels and Enchantment Levels of the opposing Dragons depend on the Trainer’s Dragons’ own level and Enchantment Level. The six strongest Dragons of the Trainer are taken into account when determining the levels of the enemy Dragons. If the Trainer sells any of these Dragons, the level of the opposition will adjust accordingly starting with the next Dungeon iteration.

The amount given of these two resources is increased by 50% if the VIP Status is active. The amount of Dungeon electricity basics Tokens rewarded can range from 20 to 200. This can be increased only if the Trainer chooses to activate the Dungeon Token Multiplier, a feature that doubles the Tokens earned from quests. There are no stars or scores rewarded for completing a Dungeon Quest.

Completing an iteration of the Clockwork Dungeon allows the Trainer to open only one of the three treasure chests through the option under the chest they prefer. However, in exchange for 125 Gems, the Trainer can open all three chests grade 9 electricity unit test through the option. Each chest has a chance of containing Food, Gold, Gems, Scrolls, Dungeon Tokens, or the Dungeon Dragon of the Day. There electricity in india travel is a 3% chance that a Dragon will be rewarded.

VIP Status and the Dungeon Token Multiplier have no effect upon the prizes in the chest. The amount of Food and Gold rewarded depends on the Level Modifier. The amount of Gold rewarded can range from 44,400 to 870,000 while the amount of Food rewarded can range from 3,650 to 78,000. The amount of Dungeon Tokens rewarded can range from 444 to 653. There is no guarantee that any of the three chests will contain any of those items.