Cnbc reveals predatory student loan process america, inc. uses to exploit its youth the new modern man electricity generation capacity


These are the same bastards who imploded the middle class with a carefully schemed mortgage crisis, designed by Wall Street and Washington power brokers (especially that toothless wonder Barney Frank). It seems they have also designed a student loan bubble that’s been simmering for decades, and is now about ready to boil over, singeing the remnants of the dying middle class.

TNMM has discussed the student loan bubble in the past, a massive problem that mainstream media outlets have been in denial about until recently as they continue to sell the masses on gilded college dreams and “little house in the suburbs” middle class fantasies. electricity billy elliot instrumental Of course, while telling them to take the “easy credit” offered to them by Big Daddy Government and his cacophony of predatory lenders.

Your local newscaster who puts on heirs that they’re God Almighty speaking to you in HD from their Duratran-lined studio is usually little more than a low paid, boilerplate writing, corporate-muzzled mouthpiece in a musty suit. electricity year 4 Usually in debt up to his (or her) eyeballs and scared to death he’ll lose his job once his indentured servitude, i.e. employment contract comes up for renewal in a couple of years. Believe these vacuous big mouths at your own peril.

I have been dealing with my student loans – that I paid on for 10 years only to watch the balance never go down and which were not dismissed by my Chapter 13 bankruptcy as they would have been before Congress changed bankruptcy laws to trap brrowers in a vicious cycle of debt servitude – by slashing my expectations, adopting minimalism and MGTOW to keep Anglobitches from stealing what little money I’m able to work out, and keeping my income low enough to qualify for IBR deferment.

As always, your trusty public servants, respected banking cartels and upstanding corporate CEOs have shafted you with a smile. These modern thieves in business suits knew exactly what they were doing with their shuck and jive act, and a credulous American public believed them. gaston y astrid lima The underclasses took on trillions in debt gambling on a middle class future intentionally denied them after graduation by corporate robber barons, and now can’t repay the loan sharks.

Went into debt here for grad school after getting a STEM degree in a shitty economy/Bush Recession #1 about 15 years ago. gas water heater reviews 2012 Worked full time through 4 years of undergrad + 2 more for a supposedly marketable Master’s degree and I still graduated $50,000 in debt. My parents were ultimately successful with loads of higher education, so my siblings and I heard the whole spiel about “you have to go to college to get a good job and have a happy life, blah blah blah. They graduated debt free, back in the Golden Era for America’s middle class, so they were clueless and just going by their experience and with the best intentions for their kids offering their badly outdated advice.

Like Rel, after paying all I could on my student loans for years,the principal wasn’t dented one iota and in fact had ballooned to $75,000+ despite my always paying on time and working a gazillion hours a week at jobs that didn’t even require a college degree. “Underemployment” is rampant in this country, where most new jobby-jobs not even requiring a degree. i have electricity in my body In my case, after paying Sallie Mae and then the Department of Education for years, I had an Anglobitch demolish the rest of my dicked-uo financial situation after blowing through money as fast as I could make it and so I just ended up defaulting on the whole thing, which became literally impossible. After a while, I just quit worrying about it and I think my defaulted student loan balance is well over $110,000 now; the dollar figure is so far above mind-bogglingly unrepayable the it is simply totally irrelevant anymore. So, like hopefully an increasing number of guys in this country, I have thrown up my hands and said pretty much fuck it, have jumped off the debt peonage hedonic treadmill Anglobitch-slave serfdom track and am living minimalist MGTOW as we speak. Really, a lot of inspiration comes from reading NMM and trying to work toward opting out of the Matrix more and more every day.