Cnh to lay off 150 at tractor plant local news electricity cost las vegas


Also…. Obama let a farming bill expire that would have allowed farmers to buy new equipment even though we’ve seen hard times on crops. So many families are effected by this, not only those at case, but many area suppliers of case that are non-union and their families. The union isn’t what it used to be there and they don’t pay as well as you might think. Just because they are union doesn’t mean they make a lot of money (except for those older employees who have been there many years). The newer people under the contract in 2004 are getting shafted and are in comparison, making half of that of someone that may have been hired two weeks before them. Case is a revolving door because of the way the management team treats people. They take away bonuses that are earned, they force people to make bad tractors to get their numbers for their bonuses and blame the bad ones on the employees and take away their bonuses. If they refuse to make the bad tractors management wants, it’s insubordination and you’re fired. $14/hr is not a livable wage for a family and when people quit their jobs to work there 2 months ago, they risked everything. The HR person that was hired to hire people was told to tell them there was no threat of layoff by management and she too was subsequently laid off permanently. It is between the company miss-management mainly and the government not continuing a bill for farmers. Please read facts and talk to an employee there before spouting that this kind of thing sometimes happens and to just deal with it. It is not their fault, nor is it their family’s fault. Have a nice day. This family of 7 is directly affected by this and now has no income thanks to people with your attitude.

I have shown ID for every gun I have purchased but not when my father-in-law gave me a .45 colt so that I could protect his daughter. I showed or demanded ID even at gun show between even private exchanges because the buyer does not want to have a stolen gun in their possession. If you do buy one and check the serial # with police, they will want to know where you got it from or you will be in trouble.

I am not anti-Govt, it is as necessary as police and taxes, I hate government extending beyond the Constitution. Where is Gay marriage, Obamacare or the right for the unelected first lady to dictate if schools can have bake sales allowed within the Constitution. When was the last time the US Senate took up a Constitutionally mandated budget under Article I? Hint – since Obama has been in office.

The U.S. unfunded liabilities debt (promised future obligations) now exceeds $118.5 trillion, a debt of over $1 million per U.S. taxpayer (did you know that you and your children and grandchildren were on the line for that kind of debt?). When was the last time you heard anyone demand a Constitutional mandated budget.

First of all this is not a republican vs. democrat situation. So, I agree with ggrits re sentence 2 above. Re living wages I say Racine has just witnessed the need for lawyers and an organization which can stand up to City Hall’s tactics, i.e., RPD and our Fireman’s recent efforts at negotiating for their workers. Just to bargain, just to be heard and heard they were. Public servants today throughout the country are ignoring their public because of greed and corruption. It is so clear here in Racine where our executive leadership recommends paying executive salaries via debt funds. The public is thwarted by this corporate approach and information lockout because of malfeasance. .Unless you are part of the problem you cannot get near who, what, where, when. Cannot see ordinances modifications, cannot understand the nuances of overlay districts, etc. etc. Why? To line pockets? To help friends and family? Forget the social contract, forget the duties and responsibilities required of public service, forget due process and forget your residents….make ’em pay to play and when all of your money is gone, leave town. Racine needs more citizen involvement, not less.