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• When aiming for an Ultralisk/Hydralisk composition, it’s viable to open up with either unit first. A Hydralisk opening gives you a better all-around unit that gives you more DPS at 10 minutes, just in time for your first Immobilization Wave. An Ultralisk opening gives you a slightly more durable army, which harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf is useful against heavy ground enemies such as Terran Mech, Zerg Ground, and various Protoss Gateway/Robotics compositions. However, you might have a harder time static electricity human body causes dealing with stray air units while you are still teching to Hydralisks.

• Against air compositions, it is recommended to use mass Hydralisks and release the army from your Omega Worms right below the enemy air units. Alternatively, experienced players can also utilise mass Mutalisks against air compositions. Kerrigan’s Psionic Shift should be used to clear the few ground units that come with the air compositions.

• Against Terran air in particular, kiting and microing is a useful skill to master in order to minimize Hydralisk/Mutalisk losses. For Hydralisks, this is accomplished by loading and unloading Hydralisks from Omega Worms to dodge Liberator siege z gastroenterol circles, cloaked Banshees, and Raven Predator Missiles. For Mutalisks, strafing in and out of the range of enemy anti-air units is key—take advantage of the Mutalisk’s ability to heal when out of combat.

Omega Networks and Worms are one of the most useful and unique elements of Kerrigan’s gameplay. For clarity’s sake, the Omega Network is the “butt” end and costs resources to initially morph via drone, while the Omega Worm is the “mouth” end and can be summoned for free anywhere on the map you have vision, but on a 60 second cooldown, separate for each Omega Network you have. Recommendations gas bloating frequent urination for the number of Omega Networks you want for each individual map can be found in the map-specific section. The Omega Network has a wide range gas near me of uses:

While the detection range around Omega Worms only extends to 10 from the center of the worm—measuring up to being effectively 9 range counted from the outside of the Worm’s hitbox—compared to the 11 range provided by the Overseer, this is more than sufficient for the purposes of detecting all nearby cloaked enemies. Compared to the relatively fragile Overseers and the potential loss of supply that accompanies their deaths, Omega Worms can be deployed instantly, are far sturdier, and allow Kerrigan to provide instant detection anywhere on the map.

Deserving of its own section is a tactic exclusive to Kerrigan’s Mutalisks and electricity and magnetism study guide answers Omega Worm. Given the instant deployment and zero cost nature of Omega Worms, it’s possible to use your Mutalisks to attack a strategically-placed Omega Worm near a group of enemies. The resulting glaive bounces will be stronger and have an effective higher range, and can be used as an anchor to decimate enemy forces quickly—though you may want to take care not to leave yourself without any further casts of Omega Worm, lest you deprive yourself electricity physics ppt of a way of quickly transporting Kerrigan throughout the map.

Spreading creep is beneficial for both Kerrigan and her ally by providing passive HP regeneration and attack speed. This can be done by using queens to spread creep tumours, or simply by spawning Omega Worms at key engagement areas. While using Omega Worms to spread creep may be slower than Queens, this allows you to have more time to micro Kerrigan and furthermore, your army already enjoys the passive bonuses of Malignant Creep while residing within the Omega Worm or fighting in the vicinity of one. Therefore, it is best to retreat your army back into b games basketball the Omega Worm once the engagement is over, depending on Kerrigan as a sighting grade 9 static electricity quiz tool for the rest of your army.

On maps without any enemy units guarding the expansion, a macro Hatchery should be morphed beside the main Rock before any other structure, including the Spawning Pool. This will allow for a much faster Drone saturation. Additionally, it is usually much more efficient to break the Rocks using Kerrigan once she spawns, instead of using Zerglings, as it allows for more Drones produced from your larvae.

For an optimal economic gas and water mix opening and army production, it is generally preferred to have a total of 3 Hatcheries+1 Queen, or 4 Hatcheries. Based on calculations and experience, a Queen with optimal Spawn Larvae usage provides slightly better value for the investment. However, an additional Hatchery will often prove better if you are not able to stay on top of constant injections. The lack of injection micro also frees up additional micro for you to spend on managing Kerrigan better.

Both options are presented in the 2 build orders listed below. Do note that technology buildings and upgrades are not gas 4 less included, as it is often a personal choice and highly subjective to individual circumstances as well. Sacrificing a bit of economy for an early Evolution Chamber (right after morphing Extractors) in order to have the Heroic Fortitude upgrade finished when Kerrigan spawns can be a good idea, especially on maps where the expansion is not readily available for your taking.

• Kerrigan electricity production by state Attack Damage (+1 damage per level, up to +30)Both options are equally viable – the more optimal choice depends on the map and enemy composition. Attack Damage is superior against enemies with more air power. Energy Regeneration is better against certain ground enemy compositions and especially Zerg, but this options requires more Kerrigan micro to get the same mileage out of.

On the other hand, Immobilization Wave is the key behind Kerrigan’s ability to push bases or solo enemy waves with relative ease. At full mastery it deals 200 damage, which is sufficient to kill all but the most powerful of units. With only a 144 second cooldown (after upgrades), it is an extremely powerful ability that can also yield large quantities of resources when combined electricity year invented with Assimilation Aura.

• Expeditious Evolutions (-2% time and cost per level, up to -60%)Expeditious Evolutions is arguably one of the best masteries in the game. It allows you to fully upgrade everything, including all tech paths (Hydralisk/Ultralisk/Zergling/Mutalisk upgrades melee and ranged attack etc) at an accelerated rate electricity history pdf and at a much cheaper cost. With this mastery, you’ll always be able to immediately queue up all research once the tech structure is ready.

Primary Ability Damage and Attack Speed grants Kerrigan additional damage to her Leaping Strike and Psionic Shift, as well as boosting Kerrigan’s attack speed up to a maximum of 30% with all points invested. This Mastery can see potential use electricity 101 episode 1 for players that are more reliant on the hero unit to deal the bulk of their damage, as well as for specific mutations. In general, however, Expeditious Evolutions tends to beat it out due to not only allowing Kerrigan to tech up faster, but also unlocking hero upgrades for Kerrigan herself that much quicker.