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“Right, wrong, or indifferent, we can’t rescind a decision for the same person a second time within just a few short months. We will look like unprofessional, quick to judge, incompetent board members! Intentionally or unintentionally, it appears that the Administration has shifted the blame on the board and now can’t/will not comment that is (sic) was in fact the Administration that recommended the board terminate Culligan.

“They surely feel this is in direct relationship to the incident on the football field Saturday as they aren’t privy to all of the information reviewed that resulted in our decision. We have to be mindful that we are limited as to what we can say to them with regard to maintaining professionalism and integrity.”

“However, in announcing the decision, the community was told that the Superintendent recommended the firing of Coach Culligan. The fact that the community believes that the Superintendent made such a recommendation has, in my opinion, created a problem for the Superintendent as the Chief School Officer.”

“I DO NOT approve of this document and will further remind you that NO SINGLE BOARD MEMBER HAS THE AUTHORITY TO ACT ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD AS A WHOLE without specific consent from said board. I would also caution you on publishing this with my name attached to it, either directly, or as a member of the Board of Education.”

* Aug. 7: Superintendent Elizabeth Legault sends email to board members saying that she held a formal meeting with the entire football staff and informed them there will be zero tolerance of swearing and or derogatory remarks of any kind towards any student athlete.

* Oct. 18: Whitehall’s game against Rensselaer was stopped midway through the third quarter at the request of Whitehall Athletic Director Keith Redmond because of pushing and shoving that broke out earlier in the game and continued unsportsmanlike behavior by both teams.

* Oct. 23: After hearing from the public, the Board of Education votes 6-2 against a motion made by Samantha Kingsley and seconded by James Brooks to reinstate Culligan. Board member Jeremy Putorti is absent from the meeting because he is away on business.

* Oct. 24: Board President Virginia Rivette sends out an email clarifying that Superintendent Legault did not recommend Culligan be terminated immediately, but said he should not be reappointed in the future. It was the board that decided to make the dismissal take effect immediately. Some board members disagree with releasing this statement, as they believe it doesn’t reflect what happened in executive session.

I agree with TIRED he is correct. I grew up in a local town and when we played white hall we dreaded it, they play nasty, they try to get away with as much violence as they can, I can remember being hit below the pads in the ribs with someone’s fist, this wasn’t an accident it happened with every block. Late hits are a thing that is in there playbook. This is stuff that happened in the 80’s it hasn’t changed one bit, I saw them play mid-season this year. I didn’t see this game, so I can’t speak to the problems more than generally. I did see numerous other Highs school sporting events this season, and the one thing that was very prevalent is the swearing, I saw a girls field hockey game and there was a fan to my right, who dropped the f word constantly, it was disgusting. No one said a word, no one asked them to stop, and we were all privileged to see this fan show their ignorance! Young folks learn what they live, the best way to stop swearing is to not swear at home, and to insist that the teachers not swear. If this coach had been spoken to about it, and knew the consequences, then so be it! the most important lesson that the young folks can learn is that in the “Real World” consequences happen!