Coconut oil secrets for beautiful, glowing skin! la gas


The skin is the singular organ that is exposed to the most abrasive conditions of any other organ. However, when we treat our skin, we often don’t take this into consideration. The constant elements to which we expose our skin paired with our skin’s natural tendency toward reactions create an ideal climate for disaster. An effective skin treatment regimen can help, though, and coconut oil is just the substance to use.

Skin disorders are quite common yet quite diverse. Issues with the skin range from mere skin sensitivity to psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and a variety of others. The common thread that links these conditions seems to be the underlying irritation and dryness of the skin. While skin creams, prescription medications, and other mainstream treatments may offer temporary relief, that is all they offer – a temporary fix. These treatments don’t actually heal the underlying cause of the condition, so it continues to reoccur. Coconut Oil for Skin Conditions

Coconut oil is different than traditional treatments. Known as one of the modern cure-alls, coconut oil is effective for eliminating the underlying irritation to actually remedy the skin disorder and correct the issue altogether. How coconut oil works:

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent. Applied to the skin, this agent penetrates into the deep layers of tissue eradicating any underlying infection that is contributing to the skin condition. Likewise, the oil can be used internally with the same effect. Coconut oil is also a particularly effective skin conditioner, so it naturally eliminates dryness and irritation. How to use coconut oil for beautiful skin:

For best results, you should consider using coconut oil internally and externally. Take a tablespoon daily by mouth either by itself or mixed in coffee or tea. Likewise, use coconut oil as a lotion on the affected skin areas as needed throughout the day to eliminate dryness and restore the resiliency of the skin.

Now don’t do this yourself without competent guidance. By competent I mean don’t necessarily believe everything that you hear & read. Just because someone has a website or a blog, doesn’t mean they can be reliable. Like everything seek out people who are truly knowledgeable. So what I am saying is don’t necessarily go by this.

I love the taste of the unrefined, expeller pressed oil. So I take a spoonful whenever I have it out. I take a spoonfull of it with fresh lemon juice, baking soda, & warm water in the morning. I read where you put it in coffee. That tastes pretty good. I usually have 3, maybe 3 cups of coffee. I have experimented with it as a margarine substitute. On top of that I scrub my face with it & a tiny portion of baking soda. I’ve been putting it in my hair. I use a mixture of honey & coconut oil on my face at night & in the morning I also use it as a moisturizer after I shave.

Now the strangest thing has happened. I noticed 4 days ago my face had these bizarre white streaks. Coming down my forehead, collect around my eyes. Then the next day it was much more pronounced. There were indications of circulatory patterns in different areas on my face larger portions of my face looked like fresh, clean, brand new skin. There was a a kind of diffused light reflection, but there were still marked differences in the hue & texture of various places on my skin.

I could tell that these white areas were pronounced around the top of my eyebrows & the orbit of my eye sockets. It’s like the fluids of the head & face gather & flow through the the eye sockets. I would say that 75% to 80% of the circulation of this white fluid flows through the orbit of the eyes & down the nose. The rest of it flows dawn the sides.

Now moving quickly forward, I did not change my intake. I still used a great deal moisturizing & cleaning my face. By now I feel like I have a new face. Almost every wrinkle is gone or much less pronounced. The texture color is uniform. I am not stark white.

I am convinced that what I experienced was the detoxification of my facial skin. There were 2 patches the looked like there were blemishes but they are gone. The places where I was exposed to the sun are gone. My face is uniformly, healthy white in appearance. I am saying it that way because I want to make a distinction between ghostly white, unhealthy white & this. I guess that’s what they call dewy skin.

After suggestions on this website, I started using Coconut Oil as my moisturizer. I’m in my 30’s and have never had a huge problem with acne, but after having kids, my skin is a little crazy. I’m clear 2 weeks of the month, and broke out 2 weeks of the month. I’ve spent $$ at the spa, facials, high-end otc potions…nothing. No change. I never would have thought that the answer was sitting in my kitchen cabinet! I clean my face with a gel face wash, tone with Hydrogen Peroxide (DON’T GET IT ON YOUR EYEBROWS!), then moisturize with coconut oil. I let it sink in for a few minutes, then dab off the oily areas with a clean facial cloth. It doesn’t look oily throughout the day, and looks great under makeup. My acne is cleared (I’ve been doing this for 3wks), and no more red cheeks! My pores look tighter too.

Every other day I use a turmeric mask. 1/2 tsp turmeric, glob of honey, 1/2 handful of sugar, few drops of milk. Let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse and tone with H202 a few times to get the orange off. This has cleared my acne, and my skin is as soft as my baby’s. All from ingredients in my kitchen!