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Most of the things that humans are afraid of are their own unhealed aspects that want to be pardoned. Not only from this lifetime but from the lives that have been lived before them that are responsible for their existence to be here now. You are the sum total of all of your ancestors. 4 gas giants If you have what you refer to “Succubus” energy. Succubus energy is being denied from those before you and is accumulating in your energy field in an attempt to be recognized, appreciated and allowed to be reintegrated.

A sexual deviant, is simply someone who deviates away from societies view of what is appropriate. The difference in what that looks like from modern day sexual activities to those of just a few short decades is enormous! Movies and television today show all sorts of sexually explicit behaviors that were totally taboo and were not to be even thought about if you were to be considered “Stable and suitable” So all of those ancestors who were wanting to be considered “Stable and Suitable” denied that they ever had even an impure thought of such behavior. electricity electricity lyrics Even kissing in public was taboo!!

What I am trying to convey to you is that there is a whole lot of memories and there for energy of events where shame occurred. People tried to “Sweep it under the rug” so to speak and pretend they never did, felt or wanted any of that energy. Shame and guilt began to accumulate under the radar of the conscious mind. If the person would have simply said. “Yes, I did that. I apologize if it offends you.” It would have dissolved and the world would be a lot happier place for everyone. Since they never owned their part in the energy, it remained unhealed. Upon the death of the individual, those denied memories move down stream in the family DNA, gathering like a snowball with all those unhealed aspects that came before it and until it is force of energy that is recognizable as a problem. It seems to have a mind of its own which can over power a person. electricity and circuits class 6 Yet that is not what is happening. What is happening is your subconscious mind feels so much guilt and shame about some unhealed issue of your very own creation that this energy becomes attracted to you. Not to harm you but to try to FORCE you to own it and heal itself.

Okay. There really is no way to accurately explain what they are, because you don’t have anything in your language that begins to describe this. gas chamber jokes To say they are wicked or evil is an unjust statement. Lets liken them to an associate who works with all the unwanted, mentally disturbed and grotesquely disfigured humans that are so ill mannered that even their own family can not stand to be with them.

A demon is still an assistant. They do not force people to become the crazed beasts like they are portrayed in movies. This portrayal of demons has been created because of their association to the mentally demented people they assist. It has been portrayed that the demon causes this, yet, it would be more accurate to say that the demon is assisting them rather than fueling them.

Yes, however spirit is not human and we can not use your term for demon in the manor that you use it to remove the negative energy that you are sensing. Calling something by the wrong name is worse than just asking to have what you are sensing removed. We can jump in and assist you with removing what you are sensing, yet if you ask us to remove demonic energy, this might resonate for your understanding of the word the way humans use it, however, we are forced to remain quite literal and only work on demonic energy, of which there is usually none.

A Ciribus is an unhealthy component of human discarded waist energy that has been allowed to gather not only in the energy field of an individual, but the locations of battles and wrongful injustices are loaded with this energy. q gastrobar It gathers and gathers and if a denied aspect in someones energy field gets involved, that aspect can become magnetized to it until it consumes the fragment which was once human, but is now a conglomeration of rage, anger, injustice etc. ag gaston funeral home birmingham al It is pissed off and looking for a fight.

I, __________ place myself and the entirety of my family into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of searching out any unforgiveness, injustices and unrequited love or any other issues that are capable of attracting Ciribus energy. I ask to have this issue corrected at it’s point of origin for the highest and best of everyone concerned.

First let us start by saying that nothing out there can harm you without you being a vibrational match to its frequency. You might believe yourself to be a pretty positive person and yet you feel like you are under attack from some frequency that is beyond you and we must impress upon you fully that THAT is completely and totally impossible.

If you are feeling like you are being attacked then somewhere inside of yourself is an anger, a disappointment, a fury about something that has happened to you at one time or another. There is no attachment coming from a “Past life event” that too is impossible. Yes, things repeat to try to get resolved, but we assure you that your attachment to this darkness is fully and completely coming to you from this level, this dimension, this life time. That is the way it is set up. electricity song lyrics Yes, you can find the connection that caused the replay, and dismissing that can give relief, but full healing will only come when you find the causation of the energy that lurks within this lifetime, this experience, this connection to this name.

Not quite true. There have been major dangerous people in the world that you have had the thought that the world would be better off if someone would just kill them. Saddam Hussein and a few others. Where you had hopped that the plot to take them out would be quick and painless, saving lives. You might have had good intentions, and yet, you still wished someone dead and this does affect your level of energy.

(at this point you are probably as creeped out as I was when this connection was first suggested. However I have learned to think of the Angel of Death very much like the kind gentle roll that Brad Pitt played in the movie Meet Joe Black. Death in that movie was a sweet and innocent person. Seeing Death as kindness who relieves people of their pain and their worldly concerns has helped me a lot in dealing with both the death of loved ones and in moments like these where I am asked to speak directly to the Angel of Death. Who could be afraid of Brad Pitt?

First as you were taught by Abraham, go back through the process and remove from yourself any and all ill wishes you might have had for anyone. Once you have done this and requested assistance from God to remove your anger and rage toward others then and only then, should you begin. gasco abu dhabi contact If you begin before you do this work, it will help you for a while, however other dark entities will show up to assist you to complete the dark that lurks with in your very heart.

No, it is not necessary. Think of those others being repeated three times like you are pushing a dead car and you are trying to gain momentum. Each pass of those words gets the energy moving stronger and stronger in the direction that you are intending to go. Once the momentum is up you can just make the statement and let it move away from you, just like you can step back from the car and watch it move down the hill without your assistance. The repetition is only needed to speed things up and get the energy moving quickly.