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Hi I am 25 and have had sinus migraines as you described since I remember, after doing a lot of research, I have found a "cure" to the pain. These migraines have a lot to do with serotonin, vasodilation and other pathways that I won’t get into. (I’m a third year med student, so this research was fun for me, but alas TMI).

If you feel that you are going to get a migraine, such as in the AM, then take 2-3 OTC B3 pills (the Niacinamide form), these will give you a flush, your skin will redden and your sinus vessels will dilate, preventing the migraine from coming on.

If the sinus is already on, go to either urgent care, or your doctor and ask for Sumatriptan Succinate Injection form. It is most effective in subcutaneous injection, just as Diabetics do it, with a small insulin injection in the arm. You will have to ask your doctor, just say it’s for migraines, and he/she will gladly prescribe you a bunch, or better yet, ask for the nurse to give you an injection right then and there. Within 15 minutes the migraine will be gone. The injection does the same thing as B3, only much more globally, thus its the only way once the migraine has started.

I have had the same issue from my childhood. I am a 35 years Indian male. It was ok when I was back in India, since the weather is mostly warm. When I moved to US (NJ) it got worse. Exposure to every 2-3 seconds of chill weather (anything under 65F)leave along winters triggers terrible headache. Within few hours, I end up throwing and have to shut myself in a dark, silent room. I wouldn’t be able to lie down so end up sitting on my bed all night till the headache goes off by itself. i noticed there are other factors that lead to this situation – When I skip my lunch; when I do not pass stools normally for whatever reason and a combination of above two with cold conditions.

What helps is that when I know I am getting there, I apply a pain relieving balm onto a cotton ball and stuff it into my ears, wear warm socks to keep my feet warm (there are pressure points in palm and feet that control headaches).Also, whenever I go out in cold/chilly weather conditions, I always use a small amount of cotton balls to stuff my ears. Small amount because it forms a shield between my ear opening and outside air and also it’s not so conspicuous.

I had "killer" sinus headaches that started suddenly when I was in my forties. About ten years later, around 1998? while visiting a health food store in Arizona, the manager told me "if people took MSM, they would not have sinus headaches." I bought a bottle and when I returned to Texas, I started taking them. I stopped having sinus headaches. True story! I took just 1000 mg per day for several months – can’t remember exactly how long – and later started taking it for a few days only when I felt the slightest sinus headache symptom. Many months, maybe even a year passes before I feel even a twinge or hint of the headache. I am going to start taking the recommended dosage for detox and hopefully some relief from knee pain. I have never seen MSM touted for sinus headaches online, which is a shame. If you have them, you know how miserable and sick they make you feel. If you try MSM and your headaches stop, please come back to this forum and report it, as well as spreading the word in other forums, blogs, twits, etc. MSM does not stop the pain of a headache, but I stopped getting the headaches after only a few months of taking it in capsule form.

I have a similar thing happen to me. I’ve always been a bit more sensitive to cold, in comparison to others, but I paid no attention to it. In 2009/2010, it snowed really heavily in Brighton, UK (where I live), and I was in a rented accommodation, where the landlord didn’t maintain the property properly (really rotten doors and windows), so ended up getting a really bad cold/chest infection as a result (just couldn’t keep any heat in).

I should also mention, that I’ve always suffered from headaches and migraines, but since I was diagnosed with asthma, I can’t be in a room that’s even slightly cold. I’m usually alright, until I have to go to bed – within 20 minutes of me laying down, I get what I can only describe as a "frozen head", and then if I don’t take anything for it, the symptoms remain for one to two days afterwards.

The weird thing is that even if I have the heating on, and there’s a slight breeze, it can still occur, and this seems to happen when I breathe the air in through my mouth. My whole body can be sweating, and I can be laying on top of the covers, cos it’s so hot from the heating, but it still happens.

I had my GP check for any brain tumors, but that came back negative. He told me I was just highly sensitive to cold, and that results in my suffering from migraines. He did give me these sachets (I don’t swallow pills lol) called: Paramax, which I take when I first feel the signs of a migraine coming on, and they usually work.