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Crazy…the previous thread started and ended on practically the same day?!? That has to be a new record. Late last night I took a peek at that thread (when it still only had 200 comments, lol) and there’s no doubt that is definitely Jenna. It also appears that she has a helper: Patty? Her sister? A Twitter buddy? It was painful to watch, both of them hacking away, responding to themselves.

Although I’ve only been here about 2 months, I’ve taken time to read a lot of the much older entries here and it’s obvious now that the 1-2 disruptive posters here yesterday DO NOT sound like any of the regular posters. At all. The writing styles are completely different, totally crazy and come from unstable minds.

Clearly their mission is to disrupt the status quo here and plant doubt in people’s minds, but their prolific madness didn’t entirely succeed, as I still saw a great deal of talk about all the scams, which is good. Best thing to do is just ignore all the Jenna & friend posts. If we don’t respond, they’ll give up. Reply Delete

HD, thanks for the explanation on all the stats you posted. All of this repeater weirdness started on this site after Jenna claimed she consulted a lawyer (her most recent claim anyway). I wonder if she went nuts doing this after she realized she can’t legally do much about it?! Btw, her brother is an IT guy. I have no idea if they are close. Could some of these repetitive weirdness be bots set up by Jenna? Anyway, I do feel sort of sad for her that she feels she has to stay on this site 24/7. If it were me, I would ignore it all together and get a non-online business going to re-establish myself. Then again, I don’t scam people for money, so I wouldn’t get myself in such a prediciment in the first place.If she would stop scamming people and treat her animals well, I would go away in a heartbeat. Oh and this is my name. Emi is short for Emily and my last name starts with a K. (But good try Jenna on slamming me. You should know my name, we used to be friends til it was clear you only wanted my money, remember?) I used to post as anon alot but after anon7 and HD thought it would be helpful, I put my name. Reply Delete

"While Anon7 is often funny and insightful, she’s also not "everyone’s favorite shammer." Please don’t speak for all of us. The adulation for her seems strange and a little juvenile. I’m a local who has been commenting from the start of this site. I was the one who started saying ‘faux, feral farmer,’ too."

Well said. And I wholeheartedly agree with this. While it’s sweet and flattering when someone says really nice things, I feel that (my name) being mentioned so often marginalizes the efforts of the others here. This blog is filled with so many intelligent, witty, hysterical, clever people who are highly deserving of praise. But perhaps they are not singled out as much because it’s hard to keep track of who’s who with just a time-stamp as an indicator?

Which reminds me, did anyone read that post I made (1 or 2) threads ago about the idea of every anon here adopting and adding just a few specific letters or numbers below their posts? (For example, "T55" or "129a") Anything, really, as it would be so nice to have at least a vague idea of who we are talking to.

There are so many creative, funny and smart posters here and it would be cool to recognize who the person is. To those of you who already use a name or put some sort of identifying feature below your posts, thank you very much, as it makes it so easy to understand what you are saying, as you and your words have a history tucked away in my brain. (Hope that made sense).