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Cut it out, whoever it is (other than Jenna, disrupting) giving any of us who are not down with their style of anti-Jenna-self-expression and dares to comment on it – who immediately, nastily blows off the writer AS Jenna – when neither I nor surely so many of us who have been objecting are, thank God!

I live in wPA and have long been retired..yep, another old lady, 70s, with bunches of time to read, make stuff, rue that I never got "back to the land", watch homesteading vlogs – and find that I’m unable to extricate myself from the sicko Jenna show vortex I’ve been trapped in for far too many years. But that misfortune (picking up Barnheart way back when) has been ameliorated by the oh so satisfying silver lining this blog is – or has been. I’ve loved the writers here and reading/writing along with them has been a blast. Brilliant wit, wicked humor, tons of fun – lots of time wasted laughing my tush off – but laughing is the best and appreciating the mighty fine stuff that’s been produced here has been a pleasure.

But now, as of very recently (is it two weeks, a month? no clue)seems that we Shamsters – long-time or recent – are not allowed to state our dislike, annoyance, discomfort, or worries about counter-productiveness – with the way in which one or more people are commenting – AND then getting spat on as Jenna? Jeez Louise.

I’ve been here constantly and happily since two blog iterations ago, have loved this group of hilarious, smart, and yes, often smart-ass peeps but feel it def getting trashed by (I guess?) another shamster in the minds of at least several of us.

UGH to whomever. Yeah, you have the right to write however you damn please, but it feels like someone is pissing in our pond, which sucks (both the crazy annoying repetition and inability to hear that whoever is annoying w/out furious accusation of being HER..I mean SHE!:).

The experience and feeling of camaraderie is getting spoiled. (Is that the goal?). I like to think you are an actual troll, rather than a whatever else you are – a new wanna-be shamster whose m.o. clashes in tone (and paranoid bent) with the long-term style of this group? Our tough luck, I suppose – but it’s a shame.

(Btw, I wrote 11:51 and 11:58 way back up there by now, chiming in on the broken needle perp in response to 10:13 but I took so damn long writing it dropped way down here while many managed to quickly post (story of my time on the Sham). I’m a hopelessly verbose writer and so I ALSO take up too much air/space when I write/attempt to edit – same thing I accused ‘the other’ of doing:0)

Apologies for this torturously repetitive post. Not only can I not remember what I’ve just written, as one writes the stuff disappears from sight ^^ so I can’t see what I’ve already said. Just keep grinding over the same thing. I’ve tried cut/pasting to Word so I can see it all but not helping much (as you can see). Think it’s time I also retire from here. Delete

Damn you, 1:29. Maybe it’s a favor, actually, since I need to be trying to organize my disaster apt. here. I am done. I am Anon 1:16, 11:51, and… the 73 y.o. w/executive function/memory/writing problems who also wrote the apparent abomination "space-sucking". I spent easily an hour tormenting myself trying to express that I, too, am upset with what’s happened to the blog – clearly by the nasty likes of you. You have no idea how hard it was (writing that). I can’t even post comments on Firefox – which I never remember until instant I try, 1st went back and forth to Word endlessly (after screwing up trying to write/edit in the small space provided – trying to clean up my writing mess – then remember to copy again after I forget AGAIN that I can’t post – then open IE, find the darn spot where I was "composing"- and paste it. Hellish. Not fun. Distressing, actually, and I swear I’m not going to write again because I frustrate myself too much and post something nearly unreadable. But hey, then YOU have come and do your thing. So I’m done, finally – the enjoyment is gone. It was going, after troll land, and that was before I became a target of her shut-up Jenna crap. So. Now it’s really, really not fun.

Thanks, Hound Doggy. It’s been good to be here. Appreciate your efforts. Maybe I’ll tune in here again in a few years; hopefully something will have changed for the better for the animals and the troll will have left (although I’m sure there will be plenty of others from time to time.)

So sad to leave but it’s over. If you goal is to run people off here, job well done. Whoever you are, I do not wish you well. I was here participating years before you decided to wreak havoc. Not a whole lot going on in my life so being tiny part of this funny community was important. Sad, I know, but true. Gonna take my bp meds early since I am truly upset (embarrassing to admit, you have no clue who I am so you’re not actually speaking to me, but your nastiness dismissal of my (admittedly awful writing) truly stresses me out. Sure wasn’t expecting this last one. Reply Delete

"Sociopaths know the intellectual difference between right and wrong. They understand society’s expectations. They understand what moral behavior is supposed to look like. They even understand that actions have consequences. The problem is, they do not care. They do not feel remorse or guilt. They have no inner compass to guide them, and so they do exactly what they want at any given moment. This lack of conscience means that it does not matter to them if they trample on the rights, feelings, or safety of others. It means that they have no limits and are therefore capable of anything; it is a recipe for endless cruelty and depravity."

"Because they are unable to build real relationships, they view their interactions with others as games. Other people are simply pawns to be played. And because they have no conscience, they make up their own unethical, ever-changing rules for those “games.” They use tactics like mirroring, deception, projection, gaslighting, pity plays, and other forms of emotional and physical abuse to idealize, manipulate, confuse, and intimidate others, all in the name of “winning.”"

Malignant narcissists and sociopaths use word salad, circular conversations, ad hominem arguments, projection and gaslighting to disorient you and get you off track should you ever disagree with them or challenge them in any way. They do this in order to discredit, confuse and frustrate you, distract you from the main problem and make you feel guilty for being a human being with actual thoughts and feelings that might differ from their own. In their eyes, you are the problem if you happen to exist.

Remember: toxic people don’t argue with you, they essentially argue with themselves and you become privy to their long, draining monologues. They thrive off the drama and they live for it. Each and every time you attempt to provide a point that counters their ridiculous assertions, you feed them supply.

Toxic individuals lure you into a false sense of security simply to have a platform to showcase their cruelty. Baiting you into a mindless, chaotic argument can escalate into a showdown rather quickly with someone who doesn’t know the meaning of respect.